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[TCG] Dimension Force Reveals

The week’s lineup, and the reveal of the Starlight Rare reprint!

First (today) is the Scareclaw theme (misspelled as “Starclaw” in the video, but the name is still “Scareclaw”). Check below for Dzeeff’s video going over the theme.

The Field Spell is “Primitive Planet Reichphobia“, which we had previously localised as “Reiphobia, the Wanton and Willful World of Desire”.

The Link Monster is “Scareclaw Tri-Heart“, from the Japanese “Scareclaw Trichheart”.

If you participate in a Dimension Force Premiere Event at your local OTS, you can win an Ultra Rare Visas Starfrost.

Scareclaw Reichheart (Ultra Rare)

Scareclaw Astra

Scareclaw Belone

Scareclaw Arrival

Scareclaw Sclash

Scareclaw Alternative

Tomorrow will be the Therion theme (and seeing how their interesting text is done in the TCG)

The Odd-Eyes and Performapal cards, including Odd-Eyes Pendulumgraph Dragon (the first Ritual Pendulum monster) will be the following day.

Lastly, content creators will be opening Dimension Force packs at the end of the working week.

As mentioned above you can also participate in Dimension Force Premiere Events on May 14th or 15th. Check with your local OTS to see if they’re running these events.

The Starlight Rare reprint is Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion

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