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[TCG] Amazing Defenders Set List

For whom does the Armed Protector Dragon toll?

AMDE-EN001 Rescue-ACE Impulse Super Rare
AMDE-EN002 Rescue-ACE Air Lifter Rare
AMDE-EN003 Rescue-ACE Monitor Super Rare
AMDE-EN004 Rescue-ACE Hydrant Ultra Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN005 Rescue-ACE Fire Attacker Rare
AMDE-EN006 Rescue-ACE Fire Engine Super Rare
AMDE-EN007 Rescue-ACE Turbulence Ultra Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN008 Rescue-ACE HQ Rare
AMDE-EN009 RESCUE! Ultra Rare
AMDE-EN010 ALERT! Ultra Rare
AMDE-EN013 Purrely Ultra Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN014 Epurrely Happiness Rare
AMDE-EN015 Epurrely Beauty Super Rare
AMDE-EN016 Epurrely Plump Super Rare
AMDE-EN017 Expurrely Happiness Super Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN018 Expurrely Noir Super Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN019 Stray Purrely Street Rare
AMDE-EN020 My Friend Purrely Ultra Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN021 Purrely Happy Memory Rare
AMDE-EN022 Purrely Pretty Memory Ultra Rare
AMDE-EN023 Purrely Delicious Memory Rare
AMDE-EN024 Purrelyeap!? Rare
AMDE-EN025 Ha-Re the Sword Mikanko Super Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN026 Ni-Ni the Mirror Mikanko Super Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN027 Ohime the Manifested Mikanko Ultra Rare
AMDE-EN028 Heavenly Gate of the Mikanko Ultra Rare
AMDE-EN029 The Great Mikanko Ceremony Rare
AMDE-EN030 Mikanko Fire Dance Super Rare
AMDE-EN031 Mikanko Purification Dance Rare
AMDE-EN032 Mikanko Water Arabesque Ultra Rare
AMDE-EN033 Mikanko Reflection Rondo Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN034 Mikanko Kagura Rare
AMDE-EN035 Mikanko Promise Rare
AMDE-EN036 Mikanko Rivalry Rare
AMDE-EN037 Gizmek Naganaki, the Sunrise Signaler Rare
AMDE-EN038 Infernoble Knight – Renaud Super Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN039 Reinforcement of the Army Rare
AMDE-EN040 One for One Super Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN041 Hidden Armory Rare
AMDE-EN042 “Infernoble Arms – Durendal” Rare
AMDE-EN043 Double-Edged Sword Rare
AMDE-EN044 Xyz Import Rare
AMDE-EN045 Xyz Tribalrivals Rare
AMDE-EN046 Card Trooper Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN047 Armed Protector Dragon Rare
AMDE-EN048 Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN049 Immortal Phoenix Gearfried Super Rare
AMDE-EN050 Infernoble Knight – Roland Rare
AMDE-EN051 Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended Rare
AMDE-EN052 Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights Super Rare/Collector Rare
AMDE-EN053 Limiter Removal Rare
AMDE-EN054 Machine Duplication Rare
AMDE-EN055 Preparation of Rites Rare
AMDE-EN056 Overlay Regen Super Rare
AMDE-EN057 Sprite’s Blessing Rare
AMDE-EN058 Sacred Scrolls of the Gizmek Legend Rare
AMDE-EN059 Piri Reis Map Rare
AMDE-EN060 Xyz Reborn Rare

Note: As of the time of this writing, the 15th Collector’s Rare for the set is unknown.

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