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The Fool’s Bizarre Adventure (official card storyline)

The boy magician “Fool” spends his time carefree.

Despite becoming a member of the highly prestigious “The Grand Spellbook Tower”, the boy known as The Fool spends all his time there without even having a Magical Terminal. However, one day, the king of the Magical Citadel of Endymion (Endymion, the Master Magician), who also sought to unify all knowledge of Magic but feared the growing power of “The Grand Spellbook Tower”, led an complete invasion on the Tower.

[Fool of Prophecy]
A carefree boy, but “Hierophant of Prophecy” directly approved his joining the facility.

Corrupted by Black Magic

While many of the staff sacrificed themselves midst the invasion, “The Fool” grabbed a random magical terminal seeking power, and ended up accessing “Spellbook of the Master”, a high level Spellbook that bring out anything in a Magician, ranging from their best to their worst. However, he unleashed and was consumed by extremely wicked magic inside “Spellbook of the Master”, corrupting and transforming him into “Reaper of Prophecy”. As a result, he went on a rampage.

[Spellbook of the Master]
The magic inside the “Spellbook of the Master” is powerful enough to overtake its user, even if they are gifted, which is why “The Fool” ended up consumed and corrupted by its power.

[Reaper of Prophecy]
He was changed into a wicked sorcerer who rains death upon everyone, regardless if they are friend or foe.

The Boy who became “The World”

Due to the huge damages inflicted on them by “Reaper of Prophecy”, Endymion and his forces withdrew, but Reaper was on the verge of death due to the out-of-control magic he was using. “Hierophant” and “Empress”, unwilling to stand aside any more, were determined to try and save his life by exorcising the black magic inside him by amplifying the Light Magic that existed inside him all along. At the end of the intense conflict between Holy and Wicked magic, he ended up being revived in a miracle.

[Spellbook of Judgment]
[Spellbook of Miracles]
[World of Prophecy]
Through the ritual “Judgment”, Fool was able to overcome the Dark Magic that turned him to Reaper, and became “The World”.


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