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Speed Duel Tournament Pack 1 List

Foiled versions of cards from the Starter Decks

STP1-EN001 Dark Magician (Ultra Rare)
STP1-EN002 Dark Magician Girl (Super Rare)
STP1-EN003 Wonder Wand (Super Rare)
STP1-EN004 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Ultra Rare)
STP1-EN005 Lord of D. (Super Rare)
STP1-EN006 The Flute of Summoning Dragon (Super Rare)
STP1-EN007 Red-Eyes B. Dragon (Ultra Rare)
STP1-EN008 Time Wizard (Super Rare)
STP1-EN009 Gearfried the Iron Knight (Super Rare)
STP1-EN010 Relinquished (Ultra Rare)
STP1-EN011 Black Illusion Ritual (Super Rare)
STP1-EN012 Toon Table of Contents (Super Rare)
STP1-EN013 Harpie Lady Sisters (Ultra Rare)
STP1-EN014 Harpie Lady 1 (Super Rare)
STP1-EN015 Elegant Egotist (Super Rare)
STP1-EN016 Gravekeeper’s Oracle (Ultra Rare)
STP1-EN017 Gravekeeper’s Priestess (Super Rare)
STP1-EN018 Gravekeeper’s Stele (Super Rare)



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