[Speed Duel GX Box] The 8 Decklists

With Yugituber Reveal Openings now out, it’s time to find out just what’s in the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box.

While the product has been announced on Konami TCG’s Twitter as being delayed due to shipping issues, to¬†April 1st 2022, we now have the full contents of the set. With eight 20+ card decks, and 20 skills, this article is one of two, focusing on the deck lists within. A companion article listing the skills, may be found here.

Below is the decklists for each of the 8 decks; Card names in bold, are available in Secret Rare.


SGX1-ENA01 Elemental HERO Avian
SGX1-ENA02 Elemental HERO Burstinatrix
SGX1-ENA03 Elemental HERO Clayman
SGX1-ENA04 Elemental HERO Sparkman
SGX1-ENA05 Goddess with the Third Eye
SGX1-ENA06 Winged Kuriboh (S)
SGX1-ENA07 Wroughtweiler
SGX1-ENA08 Elemental HERO Bubbleman
SGX1-ENA09 Elemental HERO Bladedge
SGX1-ENA10 Elemental HERO Wildheart
SGX1-ENA11 Elemental HERO Necroshade
SGX1-ENA12 Polymerization (S)
SGX1-ENA13 Fusion Sage
SGX1-ENA14 Reinforcement of the Army
SGX1-ENA15 Skyscraper
SGX1-ENA16 Fusion Recovery
SGX1-ENA17 R-Righteous Justice
SGX1-ENA18 Negate Attack
SGX1-ENA19 A Hero Emerges
SGX1-ENA20 Hero Signal
SGX1-ENA21 Elemental HERO Flame Wingman (S)
SGX1-ENA22 Elemental HERO Thunder Giant
SGX1-ENA23 Elemental HERO Rampart Blaster
SGX1-ENA24 Elemental HERO Steam Healer
SGX1-ENA25 Elemental HERO Darkbright
SGX1-ENA26 Elemental HERO Plasma Vice


SGX1-ENB01 Destiny HERO – Plasma (S)
SGX1-ENB02 Destiny HERO – Doom Lord
SGX1-ENB03 Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude
SGX1-ENB04 Destiny HERO – Blade Master
SGX1-ENB05 Destiny HERO – Dasher (S)
SGX1-ENB06 Destiny HERO – Fear Monger
SGX1-ENB07 Destiny HERO – Dogma
SGX1-ENB08 Destiny HERO – Malicious (x2)
SGX1-ENB09 Destiny HERO – Dark Angel
SGX1-ENB10 Polymerization
SGX1-ENB11 Reinforcement of the Army
SGX1-ENB12 Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
SGX1-ENB13 Dark City
SGX1-ENB14 D – Spirit
SGX1-ENB15 Over Destiny
SGX1-ENB16 Night Beam
SGX1-ENB17 Destiny Signal
SGX1-ENB18 D – Chain
SGX1-ENB19 D – Counter
SGX1-ENB20 Destiny End Dragoon
SGX1-ENB21 Destiny HERO – Dangerous


SGX1-ENC01 Ojama Yellow
SGX1-ENC02 Ojama Green
SGX1-ENC03 Ojama Black
SGX1-ENC04 V-Tiger Jet
SGX1-ENC05 Chiron the Mage
SGX1-ENC06 Armed Dragon LV3
SGX1-ENC07 Armed Dragon LV5
SGX1-ENC08 Armed Dragon LV7 (S)
SGX1-ENC09 W-Wing Catapult
SGX1-ENC10 Ojama Red
SGX1-ENC11 Ojama Blue
SGX1-ENC12 Polyermization
SGX1-ENC13 Ojama Delta Hurricance!
SGX1-ENC14 Ojamagic
SGX1-ENC15 Tri-Wight
SGX1-ENC16 Ojamatch
SGX1-ENC17 The Grave of Enkindling
SGX1-ENC18 Super Rush Recklessly
SGX1-ENC19 Spikeshield with Chain
SGX1-ENC20 Wall of Disruption
SGX1-ENC21 Ojama King (S)
SGX1-ENC22 VW-Tiger Catapult
SGX1-ENC23 Ojama Knight

Dr. Crowler

SGX1-END01 Ancient Gear Golem (S)
SGX1-END02 Mechanicalchaser
SGX1-END03 Giant Rat
SGX1-END04 The Trojan Horse
SGX1-END05 Dekoichi the Battlenchanted Locomotive
SGX1-END06 Ancient Gear Beast
SGX1-END07 Ancient Gear Soldier
SGX1-END08 Ancient Gear
SGX1-END09 Ancient Gear Engineer
SGX1-END10 Ancient Gear Knight
SGX1-END11 Ancient Gear Gadget
SGX1-END12 Earthquake
SGX1-END13 Ancient Gear Castle
SGX1-END14 Geartown
SGX1-END15 Double Cyclone
SGX1-END16 Card Advance
SGX1-END17 Metalmorph
SGX1-END18 Statue of the Wicked
SGX1-END19 Damage Condenser
SGX1-END20 Miniaturize
SGX1-END21 Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem


SGX1-ENE01 Blade Skater
SGX1-ENE02 Senju of the Ten Thousand Hands
SGX1-ENE03 Sonic Bird
SGX1-ENE04 D.D. Warrior Lady (S)
SGX1-ENE05 Warrior Lady of the Wasteland
SGX1-ENE06 Etoile Cyber
SGX1-ENE07 Cyber Tutu
SGX1-ENE08 Cyber Gymnast
SGX1-ENE09 Cyber Prima
SGX1-ENE10 Cyber Angel Benten
SGX1-ENE11 Cyber Angel Idaten
SGX1-ENE12 Cyber Angel Izana
SGX1-ENE13 The Warrior Returning Alive
SGX1-ENE14 Ritual Weapon
SGX1-ENE15 Machine Angel Ritual
SGX1-ENE16 Berserk Scales
SGX1-ENE17 Cosmic Cyclone
SGX1-ENE18 Hallowed Life Barrier
SGX1-ENE19 Doble Passe
SGX1-ENE20 Jar of Avarice
SGX1-ENE21 Cyber Blader (S)


SGX1-ENF01 Rainbow Dragon (S)
SGX1-ENF02 Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
SGX1-ENF03 Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth
SGX1-ENF04 Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
SGX1-ENF05 Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
SGX1-ENF06 Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
SGX1-ENF07 Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
SGX1-ENF08 Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus (S)
SGX1-ENF09 Crystal Seer
SGX1-ENF10 Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins
SGX1-ENF11 Rare Value
SGX1-ENF12 Crystal Blessing
SGX1-ENF13 Crystal Promise
SGX1-ENF14 Crystal Release
SGX1-ENF15 Crystal Tree
SGX1-ENF16 Crystal Raigeki
SGX1-ENF17 Rainbow Life
SGX1-ENF18 Rainbow Gravity
SGX1-ENF19 Gravelstorm
SGX1-ENF20 Crystal Conclave
SGX1-ENF21 Rainbow Over Dragon


SGX1-ENG01 Cyber Dragon (S)
SGX1-ENG02 Hunter Dragon
SGX1-ENG03 Proto-Cyber Dragon
SGX1-ENG04 Cyber Phoenix
SGX1-ENG05 Cyberdark Horn
SGX1-ENG06 Cyberdark Edge
SGX1-ENG07 Cyberdark Keel
SGX1-ENG08 Exploder Dragon
SGX1-ENG09 Cyber Valley
SGX1-ENG10 Cyberdark Claw
SGX1-ENG11 Polymerization
SGX1-ENG12 Different Dimension Capsule
SGX1-ENG13 Future Fusion
SGX1-ENG14 Overload Fusion
SGX1-ENG15 Cyberdark Impact!
SGX1-ENG16 Trap Jammer
SGX1-ENG17 Cyber Shadow Gardna
SGX1-ENG18 Straight Flush
SGX1-ENG19 Memory Loss
SGX1-ENG20 Cyber Network
SGX1-ENG21 Cyber End Dragon (S)
SGX1-ENG22 Chimeratech Overdragon
SGX1-ENG23 Cyberdark Dragon


SGX1-ENH01 Volcanic Doomfire (S)
SGX1-ENH02 Blazing Inpachi
SGX1-ENH03 Charcoal Inpachu
SGX1-ENH04 UFO Turtle
SGX1-ENH05 Spirit of Flames
SGX1-ENH06 Raging Flame Sprite
SGX1-ENH07 Volcanic Shell (x2)
SGX1-ENH08 Volcanic Blaster
SGX1-ENH09 Volcanic Hammerer
SGX1-ENH10 Volcanic Rocket (S)
SGX1-ENH11 Royal Firestorm Guards
SGX1-ENH12 Salamandra
SGX1-ENH13 Twin Twisters
SGX1-ENH14 Blaze Accelerator
SGX1-ENH15 Tri-Blaze Accelerator
SGX1-ENH16 Wild Fire
SGX1-ENH17 Michizure
SGX1-ENH18 Covering Fire
SGX1-ENH19 Firewall

Other Included Cards

SGX1-ENI01 Hourglass of Life (OCG Import)
SGX1-ENI02 Big Koala
SGX1-ENI03 Mokey Mokey
SGX1-ENI04 Don Zaloog (S)
SGX1-ENI05 Apprentice Magician (S)
SGX1-ENI06 Des Kangeroo
SGX1-ENI07 Gyroid
SGX1-ENI08 Hydrogeddon (S)
SGX1-ENI09 Rainbow Dark Dragon
SGX1-ENI10 Black Brachios
SGX1-ENI11 Toon Ancient Gear Golem
SGX1-ENI12 Sphere Kuriboh (S)
SGX1-ENI13 Master of Oz
SGX1-ENI14 VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon
SGX1-ENI15 Book of Moon (S)
SGX1-ENI16 Fusion Weapon
SGX1-ENI17 Mokey Mokey Smackdown
SGX1-ENI18 Crystal Beacon
SGX1-ENI19 Ojama Country
SGX1-ENI20 Advanced Dark
SGX1-ENI21 Rising Energy
SGX1-ENI22 Justi-Break
SGX1-ENI23 Floodgate Trap Hole (S)

If you’d like to find out which of these are new to the format, please check out the page on our affiliated site Yugipedia.

A moment of silence for the card name Miniaturize. It shall live on in our hearts.

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