Special Sevens Road Magician promo campaign

Putting Holactie to shame.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens is holding a “Complete Challenge” campaign. Winners will get this “Special Red” Rush Rare copy of Sevens Road Magician.

The campaign consists in using the “d-button” on your remote while Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens is airing. Each week you’ll obtain 2 digital booster packs with very rare cards and cards used in the show. The aim is to collect all of them.
Cards come in 5 rarities: Rush Rare, Ultra Rare, Super Rare, Rare and Normal (Common).
There are 7 target cards (Super Rare or higher) and if you manage to obtain them, you start participating in the raffle for one of the copies of Sevens Road Magician. A new feature is being introduced, where you can actually trade cards with your friends in order to complete your collection or obtain the target cards you are looking for.
The winners will be chosen in two batches, in October and December.

A very important thing to note: There will be 777 winners (or copies?) of this card, making it one of the rarest cards available, obviously below World Championship prize cards but making it harder to obtain than Holactie the Creator of Light (10000 copies).

Source/further details on how to participate.

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