[Deck Recipes] Even More “Soul Fusion” Deck Recipes

From Spirits to Quick-Play Spell Dragons to Relinquished to Dinowrestlers to even Magical Musket, it would seem there’s a little something for everyone.

“Shinobird” Deck Featuring “Impcantations”

[Deck Concept]

A “Shinobird” Deck that makes use of the “Impacantation” that debuted in “Soul Fusion”.

If “Impcantation Bookstone” is Special Summoned from the Deck, you can add 1 Ritual Spell Card from your GY to your hand.

With this effect, you can aim to Ritual Summon “Shinobirds” every turn.

Also, by gathering 2 monsters with the first effect of “Impcantation” monsters, you’ll be able to summon the two monsters you’ll need for the Tributes required.

Also, since “Shinobaron Peacock” returns monsters your opponent controls back to the hand, it has fantastic affinity with “Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi” who’ll force your opponent to discard their hand during the next Draw Phase if they take Battle Damage.

3 Impcantation Penciplume
2 Impcantation Bookstone
2 Impcantation Candoll
3 Impcantation Talismandra
3 Amano-Iwato
3 Aratama
3 Nikitama
2 Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi
3 Shinobaron Peacock
2 Shinobaroness Peacock

1 Extra-Foolish Burial
3 Shinobird Calling
3 Pre-Preparation of Rites
2 The Monarchs Stormforth
2 Trade-In

2 Urgent Ritual Art
1 Shinobird Salvation

1 Herald of the Arc Light
1 PSY-Framelord Omega
1 Elder Entity N’tss
1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight
1 Number S39: Utopia the Lightning
1 Number S39: Utopia Prime
1 Number C39: Utopia Ray
1 Number 39: Utopia

“Condemened Witch” Deck

[Deck Concept]

A Deck that makes use of “Condemened Witch” from “Soul Fusion”.

You can add “Condemened Witch” from your Deck to your hand with the second effect of “Ahrima, the Wicked Warden”.

The first effect of “Condemened Witch” adds a “Forbidden” Quick-Play Spell Card from your Deck to your hand, allowing you to aim at activating the effect of “Dark Horus” during your opponent’s turn.

And with the dsecond effect of “Condemend Witch”, during your oppnent’s Main Phase, you can Special Summon a Level 4 Fairy Monster from the Deck, such as “Dark Valkyria”. Allowing you to aim at activating “Gemini Spark” during your opponent’s turn.

With the second effect of “Condemned Witch” and the cost of Tributing for “Gemini Spark”, you can Special Summon “Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair” from your hand or GY.

3 Condemend Witch
3 Dark Valkyria
3 Ahrima, the Wicked Warden
3 Arkbrave Dragon
3 Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair
3 Dark Horus

3 Dragon Ravine
2 Lair of Darkness
1 Terraforming
1 Set Rotation
3 Gemini Spark
1 Forbidden Scripture
1 Forbidden Dress
1 Forbidden Lance
1 Forbidden Chalice
3 The Melody of Awakening Dragon
3 Return of the Dragon Lords
1 Creeping Darkness
1 Quick Booster

1 Linkuriboh
1 Link Spider
1 Hieratic Seal of the Celestial Spheres
1 Police Patrol of the Underworld
1 Wee Witch’s Apprentice
1 Masterking Archfiend
1 Fairy Cheer Girl
1 Queen Dragun Djinn
1 Evilswarm Nightmare
1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle
1 Dark Armed, the Dragon of Annihilation
1 Number 22: Zombiestein
1 Bumber 90: Galaxy-Eyes Photon Lord
1 Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon
1 Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon

“Relinquished” Deck Featuring “Mystrick Hulder”

[Deck Concept]

A “Relinquished” Deck that makes use of “Mystrick Hulder” from “Soul Fusion”.

The effect of “Mystrick Hulder” lets you add vital cards from your GY to your hand, to have a chance to use them once more.

By discarding “Mirror Force” from your hand you can add a Ritual Spell or so such back to your hand, giving you a second chance to activate it.

Meanwhile, the “Mirror Force” in the GY can be added back to your hand with the 1st effect of “Mirror Force Launcher”, while you can discard “Millennium-Eyes Illusion” from your hand, and it can be returned to the hand from the GY if a “Relinquished” or “Eyes Restrict” Fusion Monster is Special Summoned to the field.

2 Mystrick Hulder
3 Relinquished
2 Millennium-Eyes Illusionist
2 Illusionist Faceless Magician
2 Djinn Releaser of Rituals
2 Kinka-Byo
2 Aleister the Invoker
1 Grinder Golem

2 Relinquished Fusion
3 Black Illusion Ritual
2 Preparation of Rites
3 Pre-Preparation of Rites
2 Invocation
2 Instant Fusion
2 Dark Magic Veil
1 Monster Reborn
1 Harpie’s Feather Duster

2 Dark Renewal
2 Mirror Force
2 Mirror Force Launcher

2 Relinquished Anima
2 Millennium-Eyes Restrict
1 Thousand-Eyes Restrict
1 Invoked Caliga
1 Invoked Megallanica
1 Invoked Mechaba
2 Linkuriboh
1 Akashic Magician
1 Summon Sorceress
1 Security Dragon
1 Firewall Dragon
1 Borreload Dragon

“Dinowrestler” Deck Featuring “Token Collector”

[Deck Concept]

A “Dinowrestler” Deck that makes use of “Token Collector” from “Soul Fusion”.

The fourth effect of the Field Spell “Lost World” can destroy a “Petiteranodon” in your hand or Deck, letting you Special Summon a “Dinowrestler” monster.

“Dinowrestler Pankratops” is a monster that can be Special Summoned to the field with 2600 ATK, and fulfills the conditions of activating “Jurrac Impact”.

“Magical Hats” allows you to choose Spell/Trap Cards from the Decks, allowing you to activate the effects of “World Dino Wrestling” and “Survival’s End” that activate from the GY.

Those two cards are treated as Normal Monsters are set, so when that Set card is destroyed (such as by “Survival’s End”), you can Special Summon a “Dinowrestler” monster from the Deck.

The 3rd effect of “Dinowrestler King T-Wrextle” and the effect of “Toll Increase” combine to form a powerful combo.

3 Token Collector
3 Dinowrestler Pankratops
3 Dinowrestler Systegosaur
1 Dinowrestler Capaptera
1 Souleating Oviraptor
3 Petiteranodon
1 Babycerasaurus

3 World Dino Wrestling
3 Lost World
1 Terraforming
1 Set Rotation
2 Fossil Dig

3 Survival’s End
2 Jurrac Impact
2 Magical Hats
2 Metaverse
1 Trap Trick
2 Soul Rope
2 Ojama Trio
1 Toll Hike

2 Dinowrestler King T Wrextle
1 Number 59: Crooked Cook
1 Daigusto Emeral
1 Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn
1 Tornado Dragon
1 Number 103: Ragnazero
1 Evolzar Dolkka
1 Evolzar Laggia
1 Number 27: Dreadnought Dreadnoid
1 Outer Entity Nyarla
1 Outer Entity Azathot
1 Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus

“Magical Musket” Deck Featuring “Trap Trick”

[Deck Concept]

A “Magical Musket” Deck featuring “Trap Trick” from “Soul Fusion”.

The effect of “Trap Trick” sets a Trap Card from the Deck and then activate it, making it ideal for “Magical Musket”.

By activating “Trap Trick” in the same column as “Magical Musketeer Starfire”, you can Special Summon a different “Magical Musket” monster from the Deck, and then Set the Trap Card Set by “Trap Trick” in the same column, allowing for a powerful combo.

Also, besides “Magical Muskets”, it works in tandem with “Paleozoic”, allowing you to further support the development of monsters.

By sending “Absolute King Back Jack” to the GY with “Fiend Griefing”, you can use its effect essentially Set a Trap Card as you see fit.

3 Magical Musketeer Caspar
2 Magical Musketeer Doc
3 Magical Musketeer Kidbrave
3 Magical Musketeer Starfire
3 Absolute King Back Jack

3 Magical Musket – Cross-Domination
3 Ties of the Brethren
3 Ledger of Legerdemain

3 Trap Trick
2 Magical Musket – Desperado
1 Magical Musket – Last Stand
3 Paleozoic Leanchoilia
3 Paleozoic Dinomischus
3 Fiend Griefing
2 Lost Wind

1 Masterking Archfiend
1 Hip Hoshiningen
1 Linkuriboh
1 Paleozoic Opabinia
1 Paleozoic Anomalocaris
1 Armored Kappa
1 Toadally Awesome
1 Sky Cavalry Centaurea
1 Constellar Hyades
1 D/D/D Stone King Darius
1 Number 75: Bamboozling Gossip Shadow
1 Leviair, the Sea Dragon
1 Bujintei Tsukuyomi
1 Constellar Omega
1 Constellar Ptolemy M7

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