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[Japan] Various Official Goods (March 18th 2017)

Both from Twitter and V Jump

Pocket Clips by Cospa for 864 Yen

  • Johan Anderson (Jesse Anderson)
  • Yugi Muto
  • Yami Bakura
  • Shark
  • IV (Quattro)
  • Yuto


Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions x Collaberation Center Shimamura

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon & Yugi Muto Shirts

March 22nd, 2017

980 Yen

140, 150, 160 CM Sizes

Millennium Puzzle and Gold Sarcophagus

Both are planned for release somewhere in the ballpark of June and July

The Millennium Puzzle is 10,000 Yen and made of Zinc Alloy

Its dimensions areĀ 10 cm long x 10 cm wide x 9.5 cm high

The Gold Sarcophagus is 12,000 Yen and made of Zin Alloy

Its dimensions areĀ 10 cm long, 13.5 cm wide, and 7.5 cm high

Source: V Jump


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