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[Sleeves Poll 2021] Partial Results for September 6th

The biggest change being Melffy.

1st Place: Meteonis Drytron
2nd Place: Sky Striker Ace – Shizuku (-1)
3rd Place: The Iris Swordsoul (-1)
4th Place: Ecclesia, the Virtuous in White (no changes)
5th Place: Whirlwind of Gusto (+1)
6th Place: Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder (-1)
7th Place: Evil★Twins Ki-sikil & Lil-la (+1)
8th Place: Yubel (-1)
9th Place: Exorsister Pax (+3)
10th Place: Eldlich the Golden Lord (-1)
11th Place: Rite of Aramesia (+2)
12th Place: Accesscode Talker (-2)
13th Place: Melffy of the Forest (+7)
14th Place: Abyss Actors’ Curtain Call (no changes)
15th Place: Exorsister Mikhaelise (-4)
16th Place: Cosmic Blazar Dragon (no changes)
17th Place: Galatea, the Orcust Automaton (+2)
18th Place: Ten Thousand Dragon (-3)
19th Place: Journey of Destiny (-1)
20th Place: Sky Striker Ace – Raye (-2)