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[SEVENS] Episode 6 Summary

It’s happening. Noodle Ninjas here we go.

Episode 6: 御麺!ラーメンデュエル! – Gomen! Rāmen Dyueru!
(I Beg Your Noodle! Ramen Duel!)*
Rush Dueling has been spreading throughout the city thanks to the Seventh Elementary newspaper. When Yuga and his friends check the news, they find out that their favorite restaurant will be closing, so they head there in order to eat its famous ramen before it closes! However, they’ll have to face Menzaburo the Gourmet Duelist in a never-before-seen Ramen Duel over the restaurant owner’s last ramen!

Ohdo Yuga: Ishibashi Hiiro
Kamijo Tatsuhisa (Rook): Yashiro Taku
Sogetsu Gakuto: Hanae Natsuki
Kirishima Romin: Kusunoki Tomori
Kaizo: Kobayashi Yusuke
Oomori Menzaburo: Nagumo Daisuke
Restaurant Owner: Goda Hozumi
AI Robot: Kumagai Kentaro
Schoolgirl: Mari Uchiyama
Customers: Yamane Masashi, Kawamura Rie

Script: うえのきみこ || Ueno Kimiko

Note: This episode’s title is a wordplay where the word 御免 (gomen, meaning “sorry”, “I beg your pardon”, etc.) had the last kanji replaced with 麺, the one for “noodles, which also reads as men.



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