Cardfight Coalition

Server Maintenance Notes

After twice as many blood, sweat, and tear volumes as first anticipated, I *think* it’s safe to say we’re back. Though, not at full operation.

So, first things first, I made one little mistake about 5 minutes prior to bringing the site back yesterday, which undid about 8 hours of work, basically doubling how long I first thought I’d be working on the website. Recovering my work and reconfiguring everything proved just as difficult, which is why things were simply not functioning until now. The forums are still unavailable however. They are an entirely different beast, and I’ll be working just as hard to bring those back, but the site definitely took the bigger priority to bring back. But enough of the bad news, we’re now shinier!

  • Brand new website template. Seriously, look how pretty it is. We’ll be taking advantage of setting featured images so our front page looks significantly better.
  • Apache Web Server replaced with NGINX. This change was done to provide a more robust framework for handling numerous simultaneous requests (i.e. everyone in the world coming here whenever important Yu-Gi-News drops).

As I said before, the forums are still offline, so, please resort to the automatic forum posts that are created on the Dueling Network Forums or DuelistGroundz Forums to discuss each article in the meantime. I sadly cannot provide an estimate on when our forums will return.

I’m going to go crawl in cave and cry now. 8 hour maintenance turning into 22 hour maintenance is not a fun experience for one person. x_X


Former Dueling Network Head Administrator / RC-1, RC-2, and PC-1 Konami Judge / Webmaster of YGOrganization