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SDMY and SDKS Content Lists

From the back of the Box!


SDMY-JP001 Alpha the Electro-Magnet Warrior (Super Rare)
SDMY-JP002 Beta the Electro-Magnet Warrior (Super Rare)
SDMY-JP003 Gamma the Electro-Magnet Warrior (Super Rare)
SDMY-JP004 Berserion the Magna Warrior (Ultra Rare)
SDMY-JP005 Reborn Kuriboh (Normal Parallel)
SDMY-JP006 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
SDMY-JP007 Alpha the Magnet Warrior
SDMY-JP008 Beta the Magnet Warrior
SDMY-JP009 Gamma the Magnet Warrior
SDMY-JP010 Dark Magician (Normal Parallel)
SDMY-JP011 Dark Magician Girl
SDMY-JP012 Buster Blader
SDMY-JP013 Gaia the Fierce Knight
SDMY-JP014 Curse of Dragon
SDMY-JP015 Jack’s Knight
SDMY-JP016 Queen’s Knight
SDMY-JP017 King’s Knight
SDMY-JP018 Berformet
SDMY-JP019 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
SDMY-JP020 Obnoxious Celtic Guard
SDMY-JP021 Magnet Field (Normal Parallel)
SDMY-JP022 Dark Magic Sucession (Normal Parallel)
SDMY-JP023 Dark Magic Attack
SDMY-JP024 Dark Magic Curtain
SDMY-JP025 Mystic Box
SDMY-JP026 Monster Reborn
SDMY-JP027 Swords of Revealing Light
SDMY-JP028 Card Destruction
SDMY-JP029 Card of Sanctity
SDMY-JP030 Spell Shattering Arrow
SDMY-JP031 Polymerization
SDMY-JP032 De-Fusion
SDMY-JP033 Magnet Combination (Normal Parallel)
SDMY-JP034 Magician’s Circle
SDMY-JP035 Mirror Force
SDMY-JP036 Magic Cylinder
SDMY-JP037 Magical Hats
SDMY-JP038 Lightforce Sword
SDMY-JP039 Chain Destruction
SDMY-JP040 Soul Rope
SDMY-JP041 Super Conduction Machine Imperion Magnum (Ultra Rare)
SDMY-JP042 Arcana Knight Joker (Normal Parallel)
SDMY-JP043 Dark Paladin
SDMY-JP044 Gaia the Dragon Champion
SDMY-JP045 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast


SDKS-JP001 A-Assault Core (Super Rare)
SDKS-JP002 B-Buster Drake (Super Rare)
SDKS-JP003 C-Clash Wyern (Super Rare)
SDKS-JP004 Heavy Mech Support Armor (Normal Parallel)
SDKS-JP005 X-Head Cannon
SDKS-JP006 Y-Dragon Head
SDKS-JP007 Z-Metal Tank
SDKS-JP008 Heavy Mech Support Platform
SDKS-JP009 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Normal Parallel)
SDKS-JP010 Kaiser Glider
SDKS-JP011 Lord of D.
SDKS-JP012 Blade Knight
SDKS-JP013 Enraged Battle Ox
SDKS-JP014 Des Feral Imp
SDKS-JP015 Vorse Raider
SDKS-JP016 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
SDKS-JP017 Ancient Lamp
SDKS-JP018 Familiar Knight
SDKS-JP019 Peten the Dark Clown (2 Copies)
SDKS-JP020 Union Hanger (Normal Parallel)
SDKS-JP021 Honor of the Eyes of Blue (Normal Parallel)
SDKS-JP022 Burst Stream of Destruction
SDKS-JP023 The Flute of Summoning Dragon
SDKS-JP024 The Melody of Awakening Dragon
SDKS-JP025 Monster Reborn
SDKS-JP026 Silent Doom
SDKS-JP027 Shrink
SDKS-JP028 Enemy Controller
SDKS-JP029 Soul Exchange
SDKS-JP030 Cost Down
SDKS-JP031 Megamorph
SDKS-JP032 Scramble Union (Normal Parallel)
SDKS-JP033 Crush Card Virus
SDKS-JP034 Shadow Spell
SDKS-JP035 Negate Attack
SDKS-JP036 Ring of Destruction
SDKS-JP037 Interdimensional Matter Transporter
SDKS-JP038 Cloning
SDKS-JP039 Final Attack Orders
SDKS-JP040 A-to-Z Dragon Buster Cannon (Ultra Rare)
SDKS-JP041 ABC-Dragon Buster (Ultra Rare)
SDKS-JP042 XYZ-Dragon Cannon (Normal Parallel)
SDKS-JP043 XY-Dragon Cannon
SDKS-JP044 XZ-Tank Cannon


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