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[SD31] Pendulum Evolution Check List

Of all the cards in Pendulum Evolution (which also contains a significant amount of the Risebell lore.

SD31-JP001 Astrograph Magician (Ultra Rare)
SD31-JP002 Chronograph Magician (Super Rare)
SD31-JP003 Iris Magician (Super Rare)
SD31-JP004 Black Fang Magician (Super Rare)
SD31-JP005 White Wing Magician (Super Rare)
SD31-JP006 Violet Poison Magician (Super Rare)
SD31-JP007 Stargazer Magician
SD31-JP008 Timegazer Magician
SD31-JP009 Xiangke Magician
SD31-JP010 Xiangsheng Magician
SD31-JP011 Timebreaker Magician
SD31-JP012 Acrobatic Magician
SD31-JP013 Descend Dragon Magician
SD31-JP014 Wisdom-Eye Magician
SD31-JP015 Dharma-Eye Magician
SD31-JP016 Tuning Magician
SD31-JP017 Foucault’s Cannon
SD31-JP018 Risebell the Summoner
SD31-JP019 Hypnosister
SD31-JP020 Archfiend Eccentrick
SD31-JP021 Guiding Ariadne
SD31-JP022 Zany Zebra
SD31-JP023 Pendulumgraph of Ages
SD31-JP024 Amazing Pendulum
SD31-JP025 Wavering Eyes
SD31-JP026 Pot of Riches
SD31-JP027 Spell Wall
SD31-JP028 Double Cyclone
SD31-JP029 Chicken Game
SD31-JP030 Upstart Goblin
SD31-JP031 Miracle Synchro Fusion
SD31-JP032 Pendulumgraph of Time-Space
SD31-JP033 Time-Space Trap Hole
SD31-JP034 Pendulum Reborn
SD31-JP035 Pendulum Hole
SD31-JP036 Echo Oscillation
SD31-JP037 Unwavering Bond
SD31-JP038 Exrtra Buck
SD31-JP039 Magician’s Circle
SD31-JP040 Solemn Scolding
SD31-JP041 Star-Time Magician (Ultra Rare)
SD31-JP042 Enlightenment Paladin
SD31-JP043 Supreme Arcanite Magician


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