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[OCG] Complete Synchron Extreme List

Suggested appropriate reading music: Yusei’s Theme or Clear Mind

Alternatively: いけ!スクラップ・フィスト!!

SD28-JP001 Jet Synchron
SD28-JP002 Rush Warrior
SD28-JP003 Synchron Carrier
SD28-JP004 Junk Synchron (2 Copies)
SD28-JP005 Quickdraw Synchron
SD28-JP006 Drill Synchron
SD28-JP007 Turbo Synchron
SD28-JP008 Unknown Synchron
SD28-JP009 Fleur Synchron
SD28-JP010 Synchron Explorer
SD28-JP011 Speed Warrior
SD28-JP012 Sonic Warrior
SD28-JP013 Doppel Warrior
SD28-JP014 Quillbolt Hedgehog
SD28-JP015 Tuningware
SD28-JP016 Swift Scarecrow
SD28-JP017 Level Eater
SD28-JP018 Effect Veiler
SD28-JP019 Genex Neutron
SD28-JP020 Genex Ally Birdman
SD28-JP021 Plaguespreader Zombie
SD28-JP022 White Dragon Wyverburster
SD28-JP023 Black Dragon Collapserpent
SD28-JP024 Scrap Fist
SD28-JP025 Limitover Drive
SD28-JP026 Stardust Junction
SD28-JP027 Tuning
SD28-JP028 Reinforcement of the Army
SD28-JP029 The Warrior Returning Alive
SD28-JP030 Dark Eruption
SD28-JP031 One for One
SD28-JP032 Night Beam
SD28-JP033 Pot of Avarice
SD28-JP034 Scrap-Iron Statue
SD28-JP035 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
SD28-JP036 Limiter Overload
SD28-JP037 Call of the Haunted
SD28-JP038 Imperial Iron Wall
SD28-JP039 Solemn Judgment
SD28-JP040 Stardust Warrior
SD28-JP041 Jet Warrior
SD28-JP042 Accel Synchron
SD28-JP043 Junk Warrior
Source: Maxut

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