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[OCG] 20th Anniversary Legend Collection

A new booster pack is announced for February 2019!

20th Anniversary Legend Collection
On Sale: February 9th, 2019
4 Cards Per Pack
300 Yen Per Pack
15 Packs Per Box

The 20th Anniversary Special Pack for the Official Card Game, “20th Anniversary Legend Collection” goes on sale February 9th, 2019. All cards included will be Super Rare Parallel or higher in terms of rarity and every card is to be super luxurious. And, many popular cards will be reprinted, and as well, a ton of new cards will be included at the same time.

And on the same day, sleeves for Officially Sanctioned Stores will go on sale, based on the hero of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Yuma Tsukumo.

Duelist Card Protectors Tsukumo Yuma
On Sale: February 9th, 2019
600 Yen
100 Sleeves



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