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[Rush Duel] The Strongest Battle Deck Tournament


A poster has been revealed announcing a Rush Duel tournament using a sealed Deck among the 7 “Strongest Battle Decks” that are coming by late August.

“Win and obtain a special card!!”
“Which Deck will you use in order to become the strongest!?”

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel
The Strongest Battle Deck Tournament

A special tournament using the “Strongest Battle Decks” is going to be held!!
Structure: Tournament [as opposed to Free Duel]
Participants: 8 players *Kids in elementary school and younger will be prioritized
How to participate: During the day of the event, purchase 1 of any of the 7 different “Strongest Battle Decks” in participating stores.
Deck to be used for the event: You will only use the 1 Deck that you purchase for the entry. You cannot modify the contents of the Deck. However, you can add the “+1 Bonus Card” that is included with your purchase to your Deck.

Winner’s prize: 1 Secret Rare copy of Monster Reborn with alternative artwork.

Participation prize: 1 pack of Battle Pack Vol.2 [the Rush Duel one].