[Rush Duel] Rules for Fusions

Space debris has been generous enough to come with instructions included.

NOTE: As we mentioned when these cards debuted in the anime, the Spell Card and the fused monsters do not use the same term as the OCG counterpart 融合 (yuugou), but rather フュージョン (the English word “Fusion”). We’re sticking with Fusion for both the Spell Card and the fused monsters for the moment.

STEP 1: Activate the Spell Card “Fusion”

First, preprare the Spell Card “Fusion”, which is required for Fusion Summons, and the necessary monsters for the Fusion. After adding the monsters to your hand either through drawing them with your normal draw or through the effects of monsters, Summon the monsters that will become materials to the field and activate “Fusion”!

STEP 2: Let’s send the monsters needed for the Fusion Summon to the Graveyard
[Metallion Asurastar’s materials are “Imaginary Actor” + “Sword Dancer”]
After preparing the monsters that will become materials, which are written in the text of the monster that you wish to Fusion Summon, and activating “Fusion”, send those monsters on the field to the Graveyard. By doing this, all the preparations to call the Fusion Monster are complete! Since there are also Fusion Monsters that have “Multi-Choice Effects”, that let you choose which effect you would like to activate among multiple effects, you can Fusion Summon a monster that best fits the situation and gain the initiative of the Duel.

STEP 3: Call your Fusion Monster from the Extra Deck!
After sending the material monsters to the Graveyard, the Fusion Monster is placed on the field not from your normal Deck, but from the Extra Deck where you can place monsters that are Summoned by special methods. By doing this, the Fusion Summon is complete!
Among Fusion Monsters, there are Types that haven’t been seen before such as “Cyborg-Type”. Let’s look forward to what kind of Types will appear in the future.

[Metallion Asurastar’s description reads “Cyborg/Fusion/Effect”]


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