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[Rush Duel / Deck Recipe] Beast Deck

Get lost in the world of cats!

Beast Deck

Toy with your opponent using “Stray Cat”, and then in the blink of an eye, use “Cat’s Eye” to attack directly all at once!

POINT: Disrupt Your Opponent And Prepare Your Strategum!

Stop the actions of your opponent’s monsters with the effect of “Stray Cat”, assemble 3 Beast monsters on your field, then use the effect of “Cat’s Eye” to have the monsters you control attack directly, dealing a ton of damage at once!

3 Odd-Eyes Twin-Tail Cat
1 Seis the Mighty King of Bestial Wings
3 Savage Claw Tiger
2 Wicked Shadow – Dark Looker
3 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
3 Beast Summoner
3 Silver Wolf
2 Silver Fang
1 Thunder the Lightning
3 Red-Eyes Black Cat
3 Blue-Eyes White Cat
3 Kuribott

3 Cat’s Eye
2 Hammer Crush
1 Forest

3 Stray Cat
1 1 Up
1 Trap Hole


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