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[Rush Duel] Battle Pack 2023 Vol.1

Oh hey, another equip for Gilford the Legend!

RD/B231-JP001 Fusion (SPECIAL RED Ver.) (Reprint)
RD/B231-JP002 Takriminos (Reprint)
RD/B231-JP003 Excutie Prauty (Reprint)
RD/B231-JP004 Altierra the Skysavior Transience (Reprint)
RD/B231-JP005 Star Cat Straynya (Reprint)

RD/B231-JP006 クラック・ニュートロン Crack Neutron
Level 1 LIGHT Galaxy Normal Monster
DEF 1500
(A mysterious life form born from the last glittering light. The energy that arises from the cracks in its body contains its will and sense of self. Hyuduuri Viza Bizi!)

RD/B231-JP007 Tamabot (Alternative Artwork) (Reprint)

RD/B231-JP008 ソイツ Soitsu
Level 3 WIND Fairy Normal Monster
(Apparently totally unreliable, he wonders if he has incredible potential.)

RD/B231-JP009 ドラゴン・バード Dragon Bird
Level 3 WIND Dragon Normal Monster
ATK 800
DEF 1000
(A mysterious creature often thought to be a species of bird, but it is actually something completely different. It seems to be strong for a bird, so perhaps it is a dragon?)

RD/B231-JP010 伝説の剣 Densetsu no Ken (Legendary Sword)
Equip Spell Card
[REQUIREMENT] You can equip this to 1 face-up Warrior monster on the field.
[EFFECT] The equipped monster gains 300 ATK/DEF.


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