Regarding the new ‘Forbidden/Limited list’

And now, for a public service announcement from Number 10…

Some of you may have already seen the new “Forbidden/Limited List” ┬álink being passed around various forums and communities.

While F/L list season is always full of confusion and rumors, this particular link is especially damaging as it rips page data from the official site itself in an attempt to appear legitimate.

It is, in fact, a third-party hoax site created via a polish host. Poland’s official website can be found here.

Remember, folks, that unless it comes from the official website, it is more than likely a fake.

With the TCG now having its own lists that are no longer leaked in any form of Jump magazine, it would be expected that we will be seeing many more duplicate sites like this in an effort to spread misinformation. Remember to check that URL bar!

The legitimate list can be found here.

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