[Reference Art] Gold Pride – Captain Carrie

Featuring beefy subordinates.

Full art:


“Heart + Fish bones”

Carrie – Top notes:

Top left: “Interspecies (fish + alien)”
Top right: “Fish fin (depending on the mood, she also has one on the right side)” TL note: it’s not clear if they mean her mood, or a design choice
Bottom right: “Manta ray-shaped hat”

Carrie – Left notes:

From top to bottom:
“Snail/spiral-shell laser gun”
“For the most part, she has a cheerful personality, but she also has a cruel side when she overworks her subordinates”
“Anemone hair”
“Fish fin + anemone”
“Webbed feet”


“Hook (brain coral + snake eel)”, also wiggly sounds

Ship – Left notes:

Top right: “The subordinates spin these poles (man-powered)”
Bottom right: “Private seat (scallop)”
Left: “Can move up and down”

Ship – Right notes:

From left to right: “Bubble,” “An airship designed after a pirate ship,” “Jellyfish parachute,” “Abandon ship!!”

Subordinate – Left notes:

Top: “Bulky chest that also looks like a split chin”
Bottom: “Due to the airship being powered by man-power, the subordinates are forced to do manual labor”

Subordinate – Right notes:

Top: “Aight, time to grind!!”
Bottom: “They are aliens”


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