[RDS] Story 10: “The Department of Seasoning & Flavor Control”

Clearly the Fusion is going through police academy.

Investigating & Judging “Taste”!!

The Department of Seasoning & Flavor Control is an organization that strictly investigates the use of seasonings that detract from the flavor of food, as well as excessive use of seasonings, and mistakes such as using salt instead of sugar, etc. Their top inspector works with gourmet monsters from all walks of life to protect the gastronomy of this world.

Taste Inspector

Miso Instant the Special Noodle Ninja

Offal GunMcQueen, the Magnificent Shichirin

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NeoArkadia is the 2nd Number of "The Organization" and a primary article writer. They are also an administrator for the forum Neo Ark Cradle. You can also follow them at @neoarkadia24 on Twitter.

One thought on “[RDS] Story 10: “The Department of Seasoning & Flavor Control”

  • July 15, 2023 at 1:54 am

    Yeah, I always thought it was weird that Taste Inspector, a Pyro that that seemed to be Noodle Ninja support, had a Fusion with the Yakiniku deck. In hindsight, the two decks have okay synergy, and of course their users in SEVENS are friends that are both obsessed with a food, but still.

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