[RD/SD04] Strongest Battle Deck Manabu – Chemist-Meow Draw of Flames! Full Set Spoiler

Master Duel Pyros wish they got such varied support (though this does have our first card shared across this batch of Strongest Battle Decks). Singles unless stated otherwise.

RD/SD04-JP001 – Analyze Phlogiston (New)
RD/SD04-JP002 – Cosmic String Noodryad (Reprint)
RD/SD04-JP003 – Extra Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja (Reprint)
RD/SD04-JP004 – Dokidoki Hexenhaus (Reprint)
RD/SD04-JP005 – Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja (Reprint)
RD/SD04-JP006 – Cross Promotion the Elite Noodle Ninja (Reprint)
RD/SD04-JP007 – Innocent Lancer (Reprint)
RD/SD04-JP008 – Flame Cerberus (Newly imported to Rush Duel)
RD/SD04-JP009 – Dogulce Langue de Chakoki (Reprint)
RD/SD04-JP010 – Flame Champion (Newly imported to Rush Duel)
RD/SD04-JP011 – Chemical Cure Red (Newly revealed reprint x2)
RD/SD04-JP012 – Dynamo Might (Newly revealed reprint x2)
RD/SD04-JP013 – Barrier Statue of the Inferno (Newly imported to Rush Duel)
RD/SD04-JP014 – Jarmalewe (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD04-JP015 – Doctor Red Robe (New)
RD/SD04-JP016 – Flame Seeker (New x2)
RD/SD04-JP017 – Methyl the Flame Jinn of the Lamp (New)
RD/SD04-JP018 – Ethyl the Flame Jinn of the Lamp (New)
RD/SD04-JP019 – Taste Inspector (Newly revealed reprint x3)
RD/SD04-JP020 – Cremation Dog Nitro (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD04-JP021 – Anmagmabear (Reprint x2)
RD/SD04-JP022 – Volcanic Rat (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD04-JP023 – Super Assistant Achi (New)
RD/SD04-JP024 – Fiery Blaze (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD04-JP025 – The Noodle Art of Spicery (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD04-JP026 – The Noodle Art of Saucery (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD04-JP027 – Heavy Roller (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD04-JP028 – Scales of Flame (New)
RD/SD04-JP029 – Red Medicine (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD04-JP030 – Outer Space (Reprint)
RD/SD04-JP031 – Wild Kitchen (Reprint)
RD/SD04-JP032 – Fire Fall Blaze Barrier (New)
RD/SD04-JP033 – Phantom Bind (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD04-JP034 – Chashooting Star (Newly revealed reprint)

Cheers to KeelUmbra from Yugipedia Discord server for the list image, as my version of the page wasn’t loading properly.


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