[RD/SD03] Strongest Battle Deck Yuamu – Come Forth! High Tech Dragon!

Behold the High Tech Dragons. And the low-tech dragons. And the dragons that do sports. Singles unless noted otherwise.

RD/SD03-JP001 – Red-Boot Boost Dragon (New)
RD/SD03-JP002 – Terror Attack Dragon Stock Buster (Reprint x2)
RD/SD03-JP003 – Nightbringer Dragon (Reprint)
RD/SD03-JP004 – Piercing Dragon Bunker Strike (Reprint)
RD/SD03-JP005 – Gravity Press Dragon (Reprint)
RD/SD03-JP006 – Fire Guardian (Reprint)
RD/SD03-JP007 – Tyhone #2 (Reprint)
RD/SD03-JP008 – Dual Coretls (New)
RD/SD03-JP009 – Mountain Storm Dragon (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP010 – Righteous Dragon (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP011 – Beta Burn Dragon (New)
RD/SD03-JP012 – Applizard (New)
RD/SD03-JP013 – The Fire Dragon (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP014 – Dragorite (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP015 – Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP016 – Treasure Dragon (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP017 – Twin Edge Dragon (Newly revealed reprint x2)
RD/SD03-JP018 – Sportsdragon Slugger (Newly revealed reprint x2)
RD/SD03-JP019 – Triad Drago (Reprint)
RD/SD03-JP020 – SSD Drake (New)
RD/SD03-JP021 – Phoenix Dragon (Newly revealed reprint x2)
RD/SD03-JP022 – Dragosite (New x2)
RD/SD03-JP023 – Sportsdragon Pitcher (Newly revealed reprint x2)
RD/SD03-JP024 – Alpha Burn Drake (New)
RD/SD03-JP025 – Dragon’s Inferno (Reprint)
RD/SD03-JP026 – Judgment of the Rising Light (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP027 – Dragonic Pressure (Reprint)
RD/SD03-JP028 – Dragon’s Return (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP029 – Dragon Surpassing the Heavenly Heights (New)
RD/SD03-JP030 – Berserker Colosseum (Reprint)
RD/SD03-JP031 – Mountain (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP032 – RB Draphone (New)
RD/SD03-JP033 – Dragon Encounter (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD03-JP034 – Vengeful Dragon’s Counterattack (Newly revealed reprint)


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