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[RD/SD01] Strongest Battle Deck Yudias – Shining Velgariva Full Set Spoiler

I have to ask, why weren’t some of these multiples revealed previously? Single copies of cards unless multiples are noted.

RD/SD01-JP001 – Vanishing Heliacal Riser (New)
RD/SD01-JP002 – Milky Wave Neo (Reprint x2)
RD/SD01-JP003 – Cosmo Titan (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP004 – Executie Fermi (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP005 – Royal Rebel’s Growl (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP006 – Cosmo Aurorizer (New)
RD/SD01-JP007 – Heaven Gancel (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD01-JP008 – Silver Seyfert (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD01-JP009 – Vishwar Lambadi (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP010 – Transamu Ephyrai (Reprint x2)
RD/SD01-JP011 – Transamu Jerai (New)
RD/SD01-JP012 – Transamu Rainac (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP013 – Bright Sentinel (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP014 – Shadow Sentinel (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP015 – Vortex Shooter (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD01-JP016 – Giant Bulge (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD01-JP017 – Ozone Layer (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD01-JP018 – Orbit Skater (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD01-JP019 – Galactica Jamais Vu (New)
RD/SD01-JP020 – Konpeitrion (New x3)
RD/SD01-JP021 – Interstellime (Newly revealed reprint x3)
RD/SD01-JP022 – Asteroeva (Newly revealed reprint x3)
RD/SD01-JP023 – Talismanic Seal Array (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP024 – Galactica Repulsion (New)
RD/SD01-JP025 – Thousand Attack Rocket (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD01-JP026 – Meteor Charge (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD01-JP027 – Universtorm (Newly revealed reprint)
RD/SD01-JP028 – Outer Space (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP029 – Shining City Nights (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP030 – Galactica Lattice (New)
RD/SD01-JP031 – Strange Wall (Reprint)
RD/SD01-JP032 – Nova Spark (New)