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[RD/GRP1] Reprints of the 7 aces of the main characters of Sevens

I can’t run away from that ad of the 7 color-coded starters, it seems.

A new magazine ad for Gold Rush Pack has revealed that the 7 ace monsters of the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens are getting reprinted in the pack, presumably as the 7 Gold Rares in the set (although it’s not directly confirmed, it just insists on how shiny the set is).

The reprints are:
Sevens Road Magician
Multistrike Dragon Dragias
Yamiruler the Dark Delayer
Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar
Royal Demon’s Heavymetal
Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon
Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree

The magazine also reports that in addition to the usual description of containing new cards and useful reprints that help existing Decks, the new cards will also include LEGEND cards and Fusion Monsters…with a question mark? We’ll have to wait and see.