[RD/GRD1] and [RD/GRD2] Complete Lists

The rest of the reprints for the Go Rush Decks have been revealed!

Go Rush Deck – Galactica Arrive (all cards are new, Common and single copies unless stated otherwise)

RD/GRD1-JP001 – Galactica Oblivion (Reprint, Normal Parallel Rare)
RD/GRD1-JP002 – Universe Dea
RD/GRD1-JP003 – Cosmo Titan
RD/GRD1-JP004 – Galactica Amnesia
RD/GRD1-JP005 – Rebirth Cycle
RD/GRD1-JP006 – Heaven Gancel
RD/GRD1-JP007 – Silver Seyfert (2)
RD/GRD1-JP008 – Meteorhino (2)
RD/GRD1-JP009 – Strange Traveler
RD/GRD1-JP010 – Transamu Rainac (Reprint)
RD/GRD1-JP011 – Bright Sentinel
RD/GRD1-JP012 – Shadow Sentinel
RD/GRD1-JP013 – Vortex Shooter (2)
RD/GRD1-JP014 – Giant Bulge (2)
RD/GRD1-JP015 – Orbit Skater (3)
RD/GRD1-JP016 – Sorapuyo
RD/GRD1-JP017 – Transamu Klein
RD/GRD1-JP018 – Interstellime (3)
RD/GRD1-JP019 – Asteroeva (3)
RD/GRD1-JP020 – Blades of Divine Wind (Reprint)
RD/GRD1-JP021 – Pierce! (Reprint)
RD/GRD1-JP022 – Galactica Force
RD/GRD1-JP023 – Block Attack (Reprint)
RD/GRD1-JP024 – Rightful Magic (Reprint)
RD/GRD1-JP025 – Universtorm
RD/GRD1-JP026 – Vacua Annihilation
RD/GRD1-JP027 – Spiral Geyser (Reprint)
RD/GRD1-JP028 – Transamu Arrive
RD/GRD1-JP029 – Brutal Retribution (Reprint)
RD/GRD1-JP030 – Nebula Power


Go Rush Deck – Jointech Attack (all cards are new, Common and single copies unless stated otherwise)

RD/GRD2-JP001 – Jointech Rex (Reprint, Normal Parallel Rare)
RD/GRD2-JP002 – Steel Mech Lord Mirror Innovator (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP003 – Drilling Mandrill (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP004 – Bascule the Moving Fortress” 「機き動どう砦とりでのバスキュール」 Common Effect Monster Reprint 1
RD/GRD2-JP005 – Ultimate Flag Mech Tough Striker (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP006 – Gadget Soldier (2)
RD/GRD2-JP007 – Ultimate Flag Beast Cannon Rhino (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP008 – Elephound (2)
RD/GRD2-JP009 – Ultimate Flag Beast Avan Wolf (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP010 – Jointech Ace
RD/GRD2-JP011 – Aqua Sorcerer (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP012 – Fire Sorcerer
RD/GRD2-JP013 – Light Sorcerer (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP014 – Surge Bolt Lizard (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP015 – Cyber Soldier of Darkworld (Reprint
RD/GRD2-JP016 – Shining Employee Brand New (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP017 – Bull Breaker (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP018 – Lightning Braver
RD/GRD2-JP019 – Assault Armato (Reprint, 3)
RD/GRD2-JP020 – Crafter Drone (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP021 – Cliptera (2)
RD/GRD2-JP022 – Ultimate Flag Beast Aim Eagle (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP023 – Tamabot (3)
RD/GRD2-JP024 – Pierce! (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP025 – Iron Onslaught (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP026 – Stop Defense (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP027 – Strong Z (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP028 – Tribute Lock
RD/GRD2-JP029 – Beast Gear Secret Art – Primal Fist (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP030 – Jointech Bumper (New)
RD/GRD2-JP031 – Mystery Handcuffs (Reprint)
RD/GRD2-JP032 – Battle Demotion (Reprint)

And as a reminder, each Deck comes with 5 bonus cards, 4 Commons and a Normal Parallel Rare Legend card.

RD/GRD0-JP001 – Pitch-Black Warwolf (Legend)
RD/GRD0-JP002 – Alien Shocktrooper (Legend)
RD/GRD0-JP003 – Dark Factory of Mass Production (Legend)
RD/GRD0-JP004 – Trap Hole (Legend, Reprint)
RD/GRD0-JP005 – Torna the Windweaver (Reprint)
RD/GRD0-JP006 – Necromaid Nana (Reprint)
RD/GRD0-JP007 – Siesta Torero (Reprint)
RD/GRD0-JP008 – Amazing Dealer (Reprint)
RD/GRD0-JP009 – Tribute Doll
RD/GRD0-JP010 – Ancient Rules
RD/GRD0-JP011 – Music Princess’s Solo Performance (Reprint)
RD/GRD0-JP012 – Acetic Acid Trap Hole (Reprint)


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