[Test Post] What’s your favorite Yugioh Card?

Hi all. Number #17 here. Pardon this “filler” post, but we need to make a post to test whether or not tags are working properly again (oh how we’ve missed them!)  Anyways, feel free to join me beyond the break for a short piece on my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! card.

The Dark magician is a favorite of many a duelist, mine included. The reasons are, honestly rather typical. He’s cool, he’s a wizard, and he’s the ace monster of Yugi’s deck. On his own, he’s an excellent symbol of valuing brain over brawn. However, to go beyond that, I enjoy Dark Magician for what he represents in a duel.

Unlike ace monsters in other series, Dark Magician himself rarely carries a game on his own merit. The Dark Magician, and the theme of all of the original animated series in general, was never about winning through means of pure power and might. Rather, it is Yugi’s bond with his friends and with his deck that sees him through the lowest of odds. Dark Magician, as Yugi’s favorite card, represents Yugi’s bond with his deck. When he desperately needs a turnaround, Dark Magician is there to shake things up. Yet Dark Magician himself is quite often soon made the underdog. It’s by combining with a chain of other cards and effects, does the Dark Magician help guide his master to victory. He represents the bond the two Yugi’s share during the fight with Pegasus, as he is transformed into the Magician of Black Chaos. He also symbolizes the rivalry between Yugi and Kaiba, as he takes up Buster Blader’s blade to become the Dark Paladin. He even symbolizes the bond between cards within Yugi’s own deck, as he teams up with his disciple to banish the  Marik’s mighty Winged Dragon of Ra.  Not even the passing of several millennia can waver the bond of friendship and loyalty Dark Magician has with the Pharaoh. Finally, he even becomes a symbol of the test Yugi must overcome to prove he is ready to be separated from the Pharaoh, and live life as his own man.

The Dark Magician is a monster who represents bonds that transcend time and space, and that a turnabout will always come to those who never give up.

Sorry again for the “filler” type article. I hope you at least enjoyed a trip down memory lane? What is your favorite card? let us now on social media and our forums!

(and hopefully tags are working again!)

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