[RD/GRD2] Reprints (and one [RD/GRD1])

All these Sorcerers and yet Yuhi still can’t beat over Transamu Rainac.

RD/GRD2-JP011 Aqua Sorcerer (reprint)

RD/GRD2-JP017 Bull Breaker (reprint)

RD/GRD2-JP007 Ultimate Flag Beast Cannon Rhino (reprint)

RD/GRD2-JP019 Assault Armored (reprint)

RD/GRD2-JP004 Bascule the Moving Fortress (reprint)

RD/GRD2-JP022 Ultimate Flag Beast Aim Eagle (reprint)

RD/GRD2-JP002 Steel Mech Lord Mirror Innovator (reprint)

RD/GRD1-JP029 Brutal Retribution (reprint)

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