Perfect Rule Book 2018 (V Jump April 2018 News)

The Perfect Rule Book for 2018 has been announced.

Perfect Rule Book (2018 Edition) will be on sale March 23rd, 2018.

It contains the rules to understand the “Shin Master Rule” (New Master Rule) rules implemented since the start of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS and related product. (A reminder, there is no such thing as Master Rule 4, that’s an incorrect colloquialism used by fans)

A copy will cost 780 Yen.

It will also come with a card included that has brand new text (i.e. what has been called “Erratum”), and it’ll be introduced in the next issue of V Jump.

As a note, since the printing of the Perfect Rule Book began, a new significant card mechanic or interaction is usually introduced in March or April that is mentioned and explained in that year’s edition of the rule book. Previously it’s been the introduction of Xyz Pendulum monsters, Synchro Pendulum monsters, Fusion Pendulum monsters, and the New Master Rule rule set.

So it would not be unlikely if something new came up in and around March or April.

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