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UK Extravaganza February 21 – Top 16

The UK Extravaganza is over, and that means new champions to celebrate. More than that, decklists for people to enjoy looking through! Enjoy these Top-16 Decklists, courtesy of Raid’n’Trade.

A big congratulations to Niall Murphy who piloted Adamancipator Prank-Kid to victory!

Top 16 – Breakdown
  • 6x Virtual World
  • 3x Fairy Drytron
  • 3x Eldlich
    • – 2x Zoodiac
    • – 1x Control Mash
  • 1x Adamancipator Prank-Kid
  • 1x Lost World Dinosaur
  • 1x Mekk-Knight Invoked
  • 1x PK Orcust

Top 8 Decklists

Top 9-16 Decklists

A big thank you to Rain’n’Trade games for hosting such a fun event and for giving us access to these decklists.


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