[OCG] Sylvan Backstory Funtime

In which Horseytail is revealed to be the greatest of Sylvans.

Sylvan Page 1

PRIO Series Monster Backstory Guide: Sylvan

I’m Horseytail!! I love warm forests!
I went on a bit longer walk than usual, and now I’ve ended up in this weird sorta forest!!

What fate lies in store for Horseytail, lost deep in the Sylvan Forest?!

Sylvan Forest

Horseytail: What is this place…?! Eep, some scary-looking guys are keeping a lookout for trespassers!!

Sylvan Komushroomo

Sylvan Guardioak

Guardioak: You there, you ain’t from this neck o’ the woods, are ya? You’re a cute lil’ guy so I’ll letcha in, but I don’t wanna see any funny business outta you!!

Sylvan Forest
Waterfall Hangout

Horseytail: Whoooa, what a huge waterfall!! So this is a place where everybody in the forest can come to chill out! Even the guys I saw back at the entrance are hanging out here, but I wonder, is it really okay for them to just take a break from guarding the forest like that?

Sylvan Waterslide

Sylvan Ferrylotus
At the top of the waterfall lies a large lake. With Ferrylotus’ boat, one can make their way across the entirety of that lake.

Sylvan Forest
Fountain of Sprouting

Horseytail: Such a pretty fountain!! Ah! Over there! It looks like a new Sylvan has just been born!!

Sylvan Blessing -> Sylvan Cherubsprout
The newborn Cherubsprout is still growing, but when the time comes and a flower blooms from its body, it is said that the forest will be granted eternal blessings…

Cherubsprout: We Sylvans can grow thanks to the prayers of our friends and the blessings of the forest!!

Sylvan Page 2

Sylvan Forest
Middle of the Woods

Horseytail: I’d like to go home soon, but for now it seems I’ve gotten even more lost…hmm, over this way it seems a little bit warmer.

Sylvan Snuffspy

Snuffspy: You scoundrel…past here lie sacred grounds that only residents of the forest may enter. If you wish to keep your life, begone!!

Horseytail: Hwaah! Some scary guy’s chasing me dooown!! Guess I’ve got no choice but to go in deeperrrr!!

Sylvan Forest
Sagequoia’s Clearing

Horseytail: I made it all the way to the middle of the forest, but I wonder if I’m ever gonna get out of this place…*sniffle*.

Sagequoia: It seems we have a troubled one here. As you are a kindred plant, I shall ask the High Arbiter to assist you.

Sylvan Sagequoia
The tallest in all the forest, he takes it upon himself to share the knowledge he has received from Sylvan Hermitree with all of the young Sylvans.

Oreia, the Sylvan High Arbiter
A great bird who watches over the whole forest from her perch atop Sagequoia. With her huge wings, she can fly far beyond the reaches of the forest.

Sylvan Charity
A grand seeing-off from all the Sylvans!!

Horseytail: Wooow, so fast!! At this rate I’ll be back home in two shakes of a horsetail!

And so, Horseytail made his way back home safe and sound!!

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One of the other translators. Drops rare items before scuttling away.

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