[OCG] Structure Deck R: Devil’s Gate

Get your discards ready.
EDIT: Details added.

The newest installment of the “Structure Deck R” series, where popular Structure Decks from the past are rebuilt for the current metagame while preserving their strategy, will be released on August 6th, 2022. In order to expand the range of the Deck, a “Deck Enhancement Pack” (temp.) will also be included. This Pack will contain 5 different cards, 1 of which will be Secret Rare.

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters
Structure Deck R – Devil’s Gate (temp.)

Release date: August 6th, 2022
Price: 1320 yen (incl. tax)
1 pre-constructed Deck
1 Deck Enhancement Pack (temp.) (5 cards per pack/among the 1 Ultra Rare and 4 Super Rare cards, 1 of them will be Secret Rare)
Special Dueling Field (for 1 player)/Playing Guide

EDIT: The pre-constructed Deck will contain 40 cards, and the rarity breakdown will be 1 Ultra Rare card, 5 Super Rare cards and 8 Parallel Rare cards.

Further information about Structure Deck R – Devil’s Gate (temp.) will be revealed in the V-JUMP and Weekly Shounen JUMP magazines.

*The contents and design of the product are subject to change.


Note: Devil’s Gate is the OCG name of the TCG Structure Deck Gates of the Underworld, in other words, the Dark World Structure Deck.

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