[OCG] Structure Deck R: Advent of the Legendary Monarch Full Spoiler

R has come to.

SR01-JP000 Aither the Heaven Monarch (Ultra Rare)
SR01-JP001 Erebus the Netherworld Monarch (Ultra Rare)
SR01-JP002 Eidos the Netherworld Knight (Super Rare)
SR01-JP003 Idea the Heaven Knight (Super Rare)
SR01-JP004 Caius the Shadow Monarch (Normal Parallel Rare)
SR01-JP005 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch (Normal Parallel Rare)
SR01-JP006 Granmarg the Rock Monarch (Normal Parallel Rare)
SR01-JP007 Mobious the Frost Monarch (Normal Parallel Rare)
SR01-JP008 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch (Normal Parallel Rare)
SR01-JP009 Raiza the Storm Monarch (Normal Parallel Rare)
SR01-JP010 Lucius the Shadow Vassal
SR01-JP011 Mithra the Thunder Vassal
SR01-JP012 Landrobe the Rock Vassal
SR01-JP013 Escher the Frost Vassal
SR01-JP014 Berlines the Firestorm Vassal
SR01-JP015 Garum the Storm Vassal
SR01-JP016 Illusory Snatcher
SR01-JP017 Tragoedia
SR01-JP018 Dandylion
SR01-JP019 Mathematician
SR01-JP020 Level Eater
SR01-JP021 Battle Fader
SR01-JP022 Rainbow Kuriboh
SR01-JP023 Pandeity Monarchs (Super Rare)
SR01-JP024 The Dominion of the Legendary Monarch
SR01-JP025 March of the Monarchs
SR01-JP026 Return of the Monarchs
SR01-JP027 The Monarchs Stormforth
SR01-JP028 Strike of the Monarchs
SR01-JP029 Tenacity of the Monarchs
SR01-JP030 Soul Exchange
SR01-JP031 Enemy Controller
SR01-JP032 Mystical Space Typhoon
SR01-JP033 Soul Charge
SR01-JP034 The Original Monarch
SR01-JP035 The First Monarch
SR01-JP036 Escalation of the Monarchs
SR01-JP037 The Monarchs Awaken
SR01-JP038 The Monarchs Erupt
SR01-JP039 By Order of the Emperor
SR01-JP040 Pinpoint Guard

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