[OCG] Structure Deck 26 News

So yeah, Thunder plus Machine is a dream.

Structure Deck Kikouryuu Shuurai
Releases December 2013
1050 Yen
Preconstructed Deck: 42 Cards
● The latest Preconstructed Deck, “Kikouryuu Shuurai” appears, centered around the super highly popular “Cyber Dragon”!
● Includes 42 Cards. and this time, the total number of rare cards has been increased! (2 Ultra Rare Cards, 2 Super Rare Cards, and 4 Rare Cards)
● The Deck includes a new Xyz Monster, along with a wide variety of new and old “Cyber Dragon” related cards.
● Many reprinted cards are included, as a way to respond to the needs of players both new and old.

Duelist Card Protectors (Sleeves): Cyber Evolution
December 2013
472 Yen
● A Card Protector feature the Main Monster(s) of Structure Deck “Kikouryuu Shuurai” are included.
● 70 Protectors are included, ideal for protecting your entire Deck. In additional, an original Deck Seperator is included as well.
● They’re ideal for storing your important cards and protecting your cards while your play.
● By including a charming design and a high quality thick film, your cards will be protected while looking really stylish!

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