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[OCG] New Duelist Card Protectors Vote (September 2020)

Pick 2 new sleeves. I’m voting for Destruction Sword Flash.

Voting Period
September 1st, 2020: 5 PM to September 14th, 2020: 11:59 PM

Intermission Announcements

September 2nd, 2020 to September 4th, 2020: 9 PM, the top 20 choices will be announced.

September 7th, 2020 to September 11th, 2020: 9 PM, the top 10 choices will be announced

Both via the official Twitter
※ Date and Time can change due to various circumstances.

Results will be announced on September 18th 2020: 9 PM via the official Twitter.

Product Information
The top 2 choices will become “Duelist Card Protectors” (i.e. Sleeves)

First Place will go on sale January 16th, 2021
Second Place will go on sale February 20th, 2021

100 Sleeves each
MSRP: 600 Yen (sans Tax)

※ Contents are subject to change

You can change your votes multiple times, but the latest option is considered your choice. Cards released before August 31st 2020 are valid. Existing card illustrations, such as those turned into product previously, cannot be picked. Voting and product contents are subject to change without notice. Please understand.

※ You must log in with “KONAMI ID” to participate in the vote.



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