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[OCG] Gaia + Red-Eyes Deck Recipe

In honor of the second Promo, Konami’s posted a new recipe, based on Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight.

Also, another DP17 card confirmed:


[Gaia the Fierce Knight] + [Red-Eyes] Deck
3 Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight
2 Galloping Gaia the Fierce Knight
1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3 Red-Eyes B. Dragon
1 Red-Eyes Flare Black Dragon
1 Arkbrave Dragon
2 Carboneddon
1 Mathematician
3 Black Metal Dragon
3 The Black Stone of Legend
2 King of the Swamp

3 Polymerization
1 Dragon’s Mirror
2 Scapegoat
2 Fusion Recovery
2 Spiral Spear Strike
2 Dragon Shrine
3 Gospel of Revival
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole

1 Return of the Red-Eyes

3 Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion
2 First of the Dragons
3 Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
1 Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon
2 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
1 Number 11: Big Eye
1 Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon
1 Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon
1 Number 95: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon



Animation of “Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight”

And the full artwork of Lord Gaia.

Also of note, the Deck List mentions Dragon’s Mirror is in DP17.

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