[VBEX3] Number 1: Abyss Assemble



The Decisive Battle of the Northern Land

A young boy and a young girl whose paths crossed through a series of unfortunate events. Through their long journey, the bonds between them grew ever stronger. Nonetheless, due to an unforeseeable tragedy, the wheels of fate lost their course, expediting the curtain call of the story.

The Encounter and The Departure
A certain day, at the great “Dogmatika Nation” controlled by faith, a “Hole” opened in the skies and a dragon emerged. The dragon was felled by the power of the Holy Maiden of “Dogmatika”, “Fleurdelis”, yet what was found at the crash zone was a wounded young boy, “Albaz”. The present head of the Holy Maidens at the time and shepherd of the masses, “Ecclesia”, because of her affectionate heart, protected the young boy. However, this act was considered an affront to the dogma, leading to her impeachment and the persecution of her and the young boy by the country. Amidst their predicament, they were rescued by an organization formed to revolt against the domination of the Great Nation, the “Tri-Brigade”, and they managed to escape “Dogmatika”. This is where their long journey begins…

Dogmatika Encounter

Tri-Brigade Oath
A Journey Around “Brands”
The hearts of these two strangers were brought together through the hardship of the journey, and their bonds became stronger. Joining forces with their new comrades, the “Springans”, and “Flerudelis”, who left the country to run after “Ecclesia”, they managed to arrive to the “Great Sacred Summit”, said to be able to seal the power of the “Brands”. Unfortunately, just as they managed to gain an audience with the master “Kosmochlor” at the deepest level, the taboo entities “Despia” began their invasion as a result of “Maximus”‘s ritual. Furthermore, the “Swordsoul”, the guardians of the sacred land, were betrayed by their strategist, “Longyuan”, who took the life of “Kosmochlor”. And among the chaos and fury in this sacred land, a new tragedy was about to unfold.

Springans Booty

Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle

Amassing Evil
The End of Their Journey

All of a sudden, the forces of the “Despia” appeared at the “Great Sacred Summit” and began their attack. At the same time, “Longyuan” defects, almost as if planned beforehand. “Ecclesia” kept fighting even while cornered, but then the ringleader of the “Despia”, “Dramaturge of Despia”, formerly “Maximus”, appeared in front of her. On the other side of the “Hole” opened by “Dramaturge”, who was behaving like a masked prophet, laid the tragic condition of the dearest woman for that young girl, whom she loved almost like a big sister.

Swordsoul Strife

Branded Disciple

After rescuing “Ecclesia”, “Fleurdelis” departed for “Dogmatika” by herself. Although she got close to the main culprit of the calamity, “Dramaturge”, she fell into the hands of the fiend and was captured.

End of Page 1.

The Two Farewells
The Mad Performers

Why did she leave “Dogmatika”? Why did we part ways at the “Great Sand Sea”? “Ecclesia” embraces the body of “Flerudelis”, along with her regrets. This little bird, nurtured with tender care within the confines of a miniature garden, was set free into the world beyond, with its heart growing more beautiful and even stronger. For if it hadn’t, the moment an imperceptible, deep sorrow, regret and despair were born in the young girl’s heart, she would lose the protection of the “Icejades”, and the “brands” would begin creeping further. The cold arms embracing the heartbroken “Ecclesia” were those of the first holy maiden “Quem”, who had been resurrected. As well as “Quaeritis”, the incarnation of the cycle of love and despair of the holy maidens. They began melding as one, as if leaning on each other, or as if relying on each other. “Dramaturge”‘s feelings at the time: ‘Oh, what an immaculate scenery. Of all my creations so far, this particular one warrants the label of magnum opus. This most pristine scene shall become the initial dogmatik icon of this world!’

The Virtuous Vestals
“Ecclesia” and “Fleurdelis” fostering their bonds and trust, almost like sisters, living in the land of “Dogmatika”, where strength and integrity are required for those that wish to become holy maidens.

Branded in Central Dogmatika
“Ecclesia” firmly embracing “Fleurdelis” in despair. And right behind this scene, the door of the “system” of the branded holy maiden slowly begins opening.
Meanwhile, “Albaz” was defeated in the power resonance with his doppelganger “Aluber”, and was on the verge of extinction. In the middle of their unification as one, being reborn in this world as the Dragon King “Alba-Lenatus”, “Albaz” perceived the cries of “Ecclesia”‘s grieving heart. Despite having most of their power stolen by “Aluber”, the fallen “Chengying” and “Kosmochlor” mustered their remaining power at the end of the fierce struggle. Turning his feelings into an “Icejade” blade, “Albaz” managed to recover his form and break apart from the dragon. Gasping in the devastated battlefield, “Albaz” yells the name of “Ecclesia”, yet she’s nowhere to be found, and thus, echoes of his voice reverberate throughout the “Great Sacred Summit” in vain.

Alba-Lenatus the Abyss Dragon

Branded Expulsion

Albaz the Ashen

An Awakening of Revenge
The Wrath of Ice

Her mother figure crumbled in front of her eyes. In the blink of an eye, the heart of the young and pure “Aegirine” was filled with a black hatred. Unexpectedly, as a result of the death of “Kosmochlor”, her awakening as the next “Icejade Empress” was abruptly accelerated.

Icejade Kosmochlor

Icejade Curse
Almost as if resonating with that awakening, the body of “Swordsoul of Mo Ye” was enveloped by ice, as it transfigured into an “Icejade Vessel” fit to become the protector of “Aegirine”. Nay, it could never become a protector in that form. For both of them having lost everything they wished to protect, they became a sword of revenge.

Icejade Aegirine

Swordsoul of Mo Ye

Icejade Creation Aegirocassis

End of Page 2
TL notes:
1) In the phrase “[…]the door of the “system” of the branded holy maiden[…]”, the word “system” is a forced reading for the word “model/pattern” 型 .
2) For the phrase “Icejade Empress”, this is part of the name of Kosmochlor in its JP name, and it’s the title passed down to Aegirine, as mentioned in the previous VBEX. This title was omitted in the TCG name.
3) “Icejade Vessel” is one possible translation for the JP title of “Aegirocassis”. This is merely an editorial choice, as the TCG title “Icejade Creation” doesn’t convey the transfiguration very well.

Ain’t gonna let our bros down
The Struggle Diary of the “Springans” (Cont.)

Endless Engine Argyro System
In order to help out their sworn brothers “Albaz” and “Ecclesia”, the “Springans” have traveled all the way to the Iron Country. After a fierce battle, Big Bro “Sargas” defeated all the “Therions” that were there, and finally made it to “Argyro System”, the boss of the Iron Country. All we gotta do now is snatch up dat buzzing energy! … is what they thought, when all of a sudden a tremendous rumbling came from the “Argyro System” that ignited volcanic lightning. While “Kitt” and the others were still confused about what just happened, there appeared the “Sprights”, immortal energy life forms that were split-bodies of the “Argyro System”, and the administrators of the ark of the beasts, the “Therions’ Ring”.

Spright Starter

Spright Blue

Spright Jet

Spright Elf

Gigantic Spright
The “Sprights” that rule over the beasts of the Colosseum supplied “Regulus” with excessive energy and made it go on a rampage. And then, the seal placed on “Alasia”, the overly fiendish former queen, who was locked from entering the Colosseum by the “Argyro System”, was broken. By now, the Colosseum has turned into a great battle royale where no rules apply!

Therion Irregular
“Regulus”, who was once summoned to the Colosseum as King, went berserk as a result of the energy of the “Sprights”. It’s not going to stop until everything around it is destroyed.

Spright Smashers

Spright Double Cross

Therion “Empress” Alasia
Each time it defeated its enemies, it incorporated their parts into its own body, losing even its sense of self. Its body eclipsed even that of “Regulus”.

The Illegimate Child of Love and Despair
The Holy Maiden in Crimson

“Nexus” used to be enshrined on the Holy Temple of “Dogmatika”. The doors of its transfigured form of “Proskenion” opened slowly, a new form appeared. From them, a new figure appeared, in the form of “Cartesia”, the most immaculate and chaotic being, created by the combination of 666 of the most pure souls, crushed by love and despair. Although she takes on the form of a sweet young girl reminiscent of “Ecclesia”, she is an amalgamation of grudges and her body lacks a true controller. Her vacant eyes were constantly open. The dimly glowing mark on her forehead became the dark crystallization of a “Hole” itself after absorbing the “Brands” of every Holy Maiden, and was released from its temporary body.

Blazing Cartesia, the Virtuous

End of Page 3

TL notes:
1) Regulus is referred to as 王者, which can mean both “king” and “(male) champion”. Alasia is refered to as 女王, which means “queen”, not exactly “empress”, and can also occasionally mean “(female) champion”, but with a slightly different reading from the one in the book. The general meaning of “king of the arena” and “queen of the arena” should be evident enough, but it obviously sounds odd that the “empress” holds a different title. For reference, the title of Alasia in JP is the English word “empress”.
2) For the title of the segment of Cartesia, refer to “otoshigo” in the TL note for “Fallen of Argyros” in page 8.

The Puppet Dragon Kings
Those that Appeared from the Abyss

With the awakening of “Blazing Cartesia, the Virtuous”, the interior of “Branded Theatre Despia” began to pulsate. “Dramaturge” used his powers amplified by the “Brands” to open countless “Holes” in the firmament. Gigantic demi-dragons appeared from the Abyss that was swallowed up by the void. They were the sovereigns of what lies beyond the “Hole”, in an era where mortals existed, gods existed, and a world existed, ruled through force. Marionette Dragon Kings that were mere shadows of their former selves. Even being bound by chains, their strength was enough to tear up the skies and make the earth tremble. “Cartesia” looked upon this sight, like a mother being affectionate to her children.

Branded Regained

Bystial Magnamhut

Bystial Druiswurm

Bystial Saronir

Bystial Baldrake

The All-Out Assemblies in Each Camp
Golgonda, The Final Warfront

Almost as if he was being drawn there, “Albaz” returns to that land: The “Great Sand Sea – Gold Golgonda”. The ones awaiting there were the remaining “Tri-Brigades”. “Mercourier”, the mechanical bird that “Albaz” released during the previous fight had reached out to them. And thus, each of them assembled the forces of “The Fang Tribe”, “The Claw Tribe” and “The Wing Tribe” that they commanded, one after the other, into an alliance. “Albaz” was certain: The remnants of the power inside of him, and the dragonic power inside of that guy, were calling out for each other. What awaited the glaring “Albaz” was a colossal shadow eclipsing the skies, as if dominating them. It was the castle of the “Despias”, unleashing darkness.

Decisive Battle of Golgonda
The “Theater of the Branded” is enveloped in a bizarre aura. And also, countless Holes are carved into the skies…Is there any chance of victory for “Albaz” and his friends?
Sensing the presence of “Albaz”, “Aluber” starts pushing “Cartesia” to make use of the power of the dark crystal, as he wore a derisive grin. With a taunting attitude, he opened a massive “Hole” in the skies. From it, a dragon-like weapons that exuded an ominous, imposing presence emerged: The “Twin-Headed Dragon that Protects the Goddess” from ancient folklore. A mythological power from which “Maximus” once modeled his sanctuary. “Aluber” absorbed some of that power and transfigured himself into a massive dragon on front of “Albaz”, who himself had lost the ability to turn into a dragon.

Branded Beast

The Bystial Lubellion

The Bystial Alba Los

End of Page 4

The Opening Act of the Decisive Battle
The Last Stand

Tri-Brigade Showdown
“Albaz” trembles with fear at the might of his enemies. Even “Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda” appeared from underground. This former Supreme Sovereign, expelled from the Sacred Summit by “Chengying” and turned into a voracious creature, combined with its kindred spirit “Longyuan”, with both of them sharing their ambitions.
This former Supreme Sovereign, who had been expelled from the Sacred Summit by “Chengying” and decayed into a voracious creature, joined forces with “Longyuan”, with both of them sharing their ambitions to expand their rule, ultimately turning into a dragon of evil flames. Similarly, “Cartesia”, who was watching over the dragons dispatched from the “Holes”, turned herself into a dragon of “Brands” and departed from the castle.

The Abyss Dragon Swordsoul

Granguignol the Dusk Dragon
And then, from the depths of the “Theater of the Branded”, the doors to a catastrophe were slowly, but certainly opening. What could be glimpsed inside of it was “Dramaturge” completing its transformation, far beyond what could be called human, and could only be deemed as divine.


Dogmatika Alba Zoa

A Reunion Amidst Extreme Circumstances
Those that Bring Bonds Together

And thus began the decisive battle. Considering the power difference, a battle in name only, for it would have been a one-sided slaughter. However, what began palpitating was a wave of dreadful cold and wrath. Rapidly increasing her powers through her deep resentment, the “Icejade Empress” manifested herself in this land, chasing after “Longyuan”. For “Aegirine” and “Aegirocassis” who had descended to the “Great Sand Sea”, their red eyes were as one, fixated in only one target: The one who had eradicated their families, “Longyuan”.

Icejade Gymir Aegirine

Icejade Manifestation
No matter how many times they were defeated, the vanguard of the “Despia” would be brought back to life by the power of “Dogmatika Alba Zoa”, only to be atrociously transfigured. Knowing the fact that these were once the people of “Dogmatika”, the allied forces hesitated to point their guns towards civilians, even if they were of an enemy nation. However, the attacks of the “Bystials” commanded by “Alba Los” scorched the “Despias” and the allied forces all the same, almost as if sneering at their naivety. But then, the loudest rumble of this decisive battle began resounding across the “Great Sand Sea”, ripping the clouds asunder, as one group entered the battlefield: It was the new King of Captains…”Gigantic “Champion” Sargas”, and the “Springans”, fully loaded with the “Spright” energy!

Tally-ho! Springans

End of Page 5
TL note: The “Last Stand” was our initial name for “Tri-Brigade Showdown”. The JP name of the card, and the name of the section use “死線”, which implies being on the verge of death. This name is force read as “deadline” in the card, because those are the two kanji used (death + line). This obviously doesn’t translate well, as “deadline” has a different meaning in English. This is just an editorial choice.

No matta’ the time or place, if our buds be needin’ help, we don’ need any other excuse! Amidst this hot-blooded battle, “Regulus” and “Sargas” realize their emotions are one and the same. Through the “Spright” energy, whichwas a fusion of their respective roots, namely the thunder of the saucer and the flames of the volcano, both Kings combined into a single entity. And by incorporating the massive frame of the “Flagship Exblowrer”, they completed their evolution into the largest, strongest entity!

Gigantic “Champion” Sargas
The “Springans” stockpiled the “Spright” energy in their bodies and exploded all over “Golgonda”. Some of them scattered energy around, halting the movements of the “Despia” vanguard, while others boldly flew through the wings of the demi-dragons, piercing them full of holes. With the “Springans” bursting into the battlefield, bragging about how each one was the flashiest one of them all, the movements of “Alba Los” became slightly more sluggish. It was at that very moment that two shining energy beams pierced through the two dragon gun turrets of “Alba Los”, with incredible speed and power. One of them was the Champion Belt Cannon unleashed by “Sargas”. The other was a single strike from the commander of the “Tri-Brigade” that returned to the battlefield: “Shuraig”. Invaders, it’s once again time for you to hear the roar of the Iron Beasts!

Gigantic Thundercross

Tri-Brigade Arms Bucephalus II
“Shuraig” spreads his wings once again by equipping a repurposed superheavy armament in his left arm that had been injured by “Quaeritis”. All for a final blow to take out the enemies that stole his comrades from him.
Amidst the hectic fight, “Kitt” jumped into the fray and called for “Albaz”. She was riding “Rindbrumm”, a mechanical dragon made out of iron. She created it after the fight in the Iron Nation by fusing the two prototypes “Sprind” and “Bearbrumm”, and combining the powers of The Abyss and “Spright” energy. “Rindbrumm” extracted “Albaz” from land, and with “Albaz” now riding it, “Rindbrumm” rushed towards “Lubellion” that had lost its “Alba Los”. As the two specialized “Bucephalus” cannons fired their blasts at “Lubellion”, “Cartesia” jumped in front of the attack. When she noticed a hostile attack was directed towards the dragon with the Divine Flames, the ruler of The Abyss, she, who had been reborn as the holy maiden of the “Brands”, had no choice but to sacrifice herself.

Rindbrumm the Striking Dragon
The “Bucephalus” is an armament intended for for short-term battles, which manages massive amounts of energy by constantly offsetting each other. Enough parts for 3 cannons were procured from the “Saucer”.

Branded Befallen
“Aluber” is about to receive the blast. However, the attack is then directed towards the holy maiden that jumped in front of the attack, without any sense of danger.
With no time to think, “Albaz” jumps off the “Rindbrumm”. With all of his might, he yells her name.
When he held out his hand for her for the first time, she hesitated but ultimately agreed to accept it. And from that point during their journey, she held out her hand for him countless times. He’ll make sure that these hands broken apart by the war will be reunited once again, no matter what…!

Light of the Branded
“Albaz” desperately follows after the girl falling after being exposed to the blast. He desperately stretches out his hand towards the most precious thing in the world for him.


End of Page 6

TL note: “Iron Beasts” is part of the name of the “Tri-Brigade” theme name in Japanese (“Frontline of the Iron Beasts”, force-read as Tri-Brigade).

The Finale of the Decisive Battle
The King of the True Flames, The Falling Nadir

When the hand of “Albaz” reached the falling “Cartesia”, a brilliant light enveloped the two of them. Perhaps it was the dragonification power of “Albaz” that was supposedly stolen, or the power of “Cartesia”, or maybe even a different miracle altogether…Within this space filled with the light, “Albaz” successfully took back “Ecclesia” from “Cartesia”. As the light faded, a new Dragon King, “Albion the Sanctifire Dragon”, stood there wrapped in beautiful yet ferocious golden flames.

“Albion” released the golden flames of its body. Mysterious flames capable of reaching every corner of the battle-torn “Golgonda”…However, there were none that were scorched by it, and instead, the malicious forms of the vanguards of the “Despia” were contained, enveloped by light, and eventually transformed back to their past human forms.
Albion the Sanctifire Dragon

Brightest, Blazing, Branded King
There were beings who had violent reactions to seeing the golden flames that illuminated the battlefield. It was “Dogmatika Alba Zoa” and the demi-dragons releasing their powers from the castle. “Maximus” was supposed to guide the people in the Great Nation of “Dogmatika”. Yet he himself was actually the most crazed zealot. “Why is that dragon coming to life?” “Is that guy’s other half, Aluber doing something to my other half, the Assassin?” “How many centuries have I spent building up that world since entering this land?” “This is but a prelude to my scenario”. “From now on, thousands of corpses shall form mountains, the blood of billions shall flow as rivers, and I shall welcome the god that guides me to his throne created with the arts of death”. Overwhelmed by his desire for the divine, “Dogmatika Alba Zoa” devoured the demi-dragons around him in a fit of madness, trying to reach divinehood himself.

Bystial Dis Pater
After obtaining the power of the demi-dragons he devoured, “Dogmatika Alba Zoa” debased into “Bystial Dis Pater”, and in order to make sure there were no more unexpected eventualities, he turned his sights on “Albion”. Just in that moment, a red lightning strike rumbled out from the land where “Cartesia” fell. After losing the final vessel and cornerstone that was “Ecclesia”, “Cartesia” could no longer maintain its form and was rapidly crumbling down. In the midst of this fracturing, the soul of the most powerful Holy Maiden took control. “Protecting “Ecclesia””. That thought became the aspect (相) of her heart, and it began giving shape to the crumbling body of “Cartesia” once again. Her own shape, and the shape of the knight’s armor and sword (剣) that were the symbol of her oath. This was the awakening of “Fleudelis”‘s first and final own “Swordsoul”.

Despian Luluwalilith
“Dis Pater” raged madly. However, the battle was heading towards its ending. The most powerful explosion released by “Sargas” took down the giant castle of “Despia”, while thousands of “Fleurdelis”‘s most powerful lightning strikes became one to strike “Dis Pater”. And finally the high-speed strike by “Shuraig” inflicted a mortal wound in the form of a gaping hole in the crumbling “Dis Pater”.

Swordsoul Punishment

Tri-Brigade Roar
“Dis Pater” was scorched by “Albion”‘s golden flames, and it, along with the demi-dragons it had consumed, turned to ash and faded away. Observing that scene out of the corner of his eye, “Aluber” slowly descended. He gave the being prostrating before him words of gratitude and praise. Just like a jester, he seemed very, very pleased…

Etude of the Branded

End of Page 7

TL notes:
1) “相剣” (Souken/Xiangjian) is the JP/CN name of the “Swordsoul” theme respectively. We previously translated the first character as “aspect”, with other possible translations being “nature, essence”, and the original Chinese being “Xiang”. The second character being “sword”,and the original Chinese “Jian”. Maybe the Japanese to English explanation is enough, but we would like to emphasize that the original Xiangjian Chinese got muddied in the localization, hence why we kept the JP/CN characters in the text.
2) In the line where Maximus is confused about what’s going on, he says “did Aluber do something to the Assassin?”, with “Aluber” being a forced reading for “that guy’s other half”, and “assassin” being a forced reading for “my other half”. It’s a confusing sentence on its own, since he seems to be implicitly introducing new information about this “assassin”, but it looks even more confusing while trying to fit in both forced readings.

The Foreword to a New Disturbance
The Boundless Open Land

Days and months have gone by since the allied forced managed to overturn an impossible war and achieved victory in the Great War. However, the scars of war carved in the Northern Land attest to the size of the losses that were incurred. Even still, those that were wounded, those that remained, and everyone else keep facing forward, choosing to move towards the future. The new Empress of Ice has sealed her sworn enemy, locking him in a lonely cradle. the Mother Zoa sleeping in the further depths of the “Icejade Cenote”, shuts all of the “Great Sacred Summit” in cold ice, much like “Aegirine”‘s heart. Solidly and firmly, so that it won’t crumble ever again…

Icejade Ran Aegirine

Guiding Quem, the Virtuous
A girl that walks alone the path ruined by the disturbance, uttering words and turning around, almost as if she was traveling along with someone else. After sinking the soul of “Fleurdelis” to the lowest depths once again, Quem, who became the unifier of the holy maidens, no longer had her lonesome expression, and turned her back on the great nation that had lost its glory.

Fallen of Argyros
It was an unexpected, yet inevitable birth. This entity had no memories, yet that was only reasonable. The energy unleashed by the “Sprights” in the “Great Sand Sea” took the remains of “Alba Los” as their vessel and gave birth to a single persona. An unwelcome byproduct of the Argyro System, which had no progenitors, yet possessed a will of its own, began marching, almost as if guided by something.

The Bystial Aluber
As one would expect of “Golgonooza”, the city once ruled by iron and arts: the coming of yet another interesting incident. A story that follows the script perfectly is truly the dullest thing. I guess I’ll keep an eye on what role is the world reserving for this newborn Fallen?. No matter what fate has in store, I alone hold the “Seed of Miracles”.

New Frontier
The scars of war haven’t healed, and the resentments still linger. However, the survivors of the “Tri-Brigade” and the reformed “Knights of Holy Teachings” make their peace, as people move towards rebuilding and starting a new page. Meanwhile, the young boy and the young girl have been making their preparations and finally resolved to depart on a journey. A journey to take back what’s beloved to them. This continent is still full of mysteries and powers. Sure to be packed with dangers beyond what they have encountered so far in their travels. The future of the young boy and the young girl is sure to be filled with new memories, as they get to experience the wider world…
The extinction of the great northern nation of “Dogmatika” which has left its name in history in what would later be known as “The Golgonda War” was but a mere foreword to a greater war that would eventually involve the entire continent. Some are in anguish about the defiled land left behind, while others decided it’s time to step out from the shadows and into the forefront. The pulse of a great power always begets new conflict, and whether the people of this world wish for it or not, the times continued to move forward, into evermore chaos.

Secret Image

Despian Luluwalilith


“Despian Luluwalilith
(written as:) Bewitching Knight of Crimson Holiness
The form taken after “The One with the Strongest Brands” (force-read as “Fleurdelis”) takes control of the “Holy Maidens” (force-read as both “Quaeretis” and “Quem)”


“Eyes that flicker with a red light”

“Red Lightning Strikes”:


“Quaeritis-like lump”
(it’s the same note in both pictures)


“Since they are being subdued by “Fleurdelis”, the other “Holy Maidens” don’t have eyeballs” (i.e. the various “eyes” are closed)
There’s also a “ZZZ” note, in case the picture is too blurry.

Losing control:

“After unleashing billions of red lightning bolts, she returns to her slumber”

The Boundless Open Land

End of Chapter
TL notes:
1) The “Mother Zoa” in Aegerine’s column is not “Alba Zoa”. The “Zoas” are characters in William Blake’s mythology. “Enion” is an Emanation of Tharmas, one of the Zoas. The line says “the Mother Beast”, force-read as “Zoa”. “Beast” being used here is probably related to “zoa” being a Greek plural word for “creature/beast”, and not one of the many creatures in this story. For further reference, “Alba Zoa” seems to be based on Urthona, a different Zoa, who falls into (Alba) “Los“.

2) For “Fallen of Argyros”, “Illegitimate offspring” is a concept repeated a few times in this lore. This is commonly written as 落胤 (rakuin) in this lore, because it’s a homophone with brand(ed)/烙印 (also rakuin), and the name of this card also uses 落胤 (hence, “Fallen” of Argyros, like Albaz). However, this paragraph uses 落とし子 (otoshigo). This can also mean “illegitimate offspring”, but for this non-human entity, it would be more an undesirable result or byproduct. In other words, they are emphasizing it’s a metaphorical illegitimate child, byproduct, or bastard, much like Albaz was when this story began.
3) For The Bystyal Aluber, Golgonooza is a mythical city in the works of William Blake, from which this lore is inspired. Also, “Seed of Miracles” is the force reading for “Crystal of the Dark/Dim Brand”, the same dim crystal mentioned earlier related to Cartesia.
4) “The Boundless Open Land” is the translated name of the card localized as “New Frontier”. The main reason to keep the translated name for this chapter is that this final chapter in the saga is a direct contrast to its first chapter: “A Closed-Off Land”.

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