[VBEX Lore] Number 1: Albaz & Ecclesia Part 1

How to tame your dragon boyfriend.

A world where various groups fight over their difference in beliefs. In the midst of this never-ending battle, a miraculous meeting of a boy and a girl will change the course of this struggle.

A Continent Isolated from the Outside World
It is there that an ancient and giant interdimensional gate connecting to the abyss appears, known as “Hole”. At times, it appears as a calamity that swallows up land and people, but other times as a godsend that bestows unknown weapons, relics, or crystalized energy. Those living on that land fight over the limited resources, either protecting their own or taking them from others. Over the years, this has resulted in these residents aligning themselves with their own tribes or species, creating more and more nations and organizations, in a constant state of turmoil.

Inhabitants of the Closed-Off Land

The Volunteer Army with the “First Three” at its Center
A militarized organization created with the goal of defeating a common enemy, it is composed of those who were exiled or shunned by their tribes. To match the miraculous powers of the Holy Tools used by the “Knights of Holy Teachings”, they equip themselves with steel armaments that fire concentrated energy.

Since time immemorial, there have been many tribes of beastmen scattered throughout the land. Although they shared similarities in their bravery and honor, the battles over the scarce food and territory led to a cycle of hatred among the tribes.

The Featherless” “The Thieving Cat” “The Fratricider

In the midst of this, 3 young children were expelled from their own tribes due to unfortunate circumstances. What awaited each of them should have been death, but instead they miraculously encountered each other, and created a bond that transcended tribes. The First Three eventually gathered more comrades, and created a force large enough to be called a herd.

Although the group found peace in a distant country of iron, news of the invading “Dogmatika”, a superpower to the far north, made its way to them. Having forgiven what had happened in the past and acknowledging the importance of bonds, the group decided to take a stand. After picking up allies along the way, they arrived back at their homelands. Upon witnessing the “Dogmatika” assault and the tribes’ resistance, the group proposed an alliance to fight back. The forms of the selfless group fighting fiercely on the front lines moved the hearts of all who witnessed it, and the tribes finally overcame their hatred for each other, prompting the creation of a giant union. At the forefront of these battles, the figure of the quiet and stoic general can be seen heroically battling on. Invaders, hear the roar of the battlefield’s iron beasts!

Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen

A young man once mockingly called “featherless”, he is the leader of the “Tri-Brigade”. A man of few words, but he has stood up to the daring “Fleurdelis” in battle countless times.

Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller

Once a slayer of his own brethren, he calls himself the Assault Captain. While Shuraig’s main battlefield is the skies, his is the land. He not only rallies the troops, but also ensures he’s the rearguard in any retreat.

Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom & Tri-Brigade Kitt

Spurned as a thieving cat since young, “Ferrijit” was eventually chased out of her tribe together with her younger sister “Kitt”. Like “Rugal”, she leads the ground forces with her big-sister-like dependability. Her eye-catching appearance and dance-like battle style has earned her the nickname “Fruitless Flower/Barren Blossom” from even her enemies.
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The Youth Who Appeared in the Midst of the “Dogmatika”-“Tri-Brigade” Battle
The “Tri-Brigade” decided to initiate a prisoner-of-war rescue operation to free their comrades who had been captured in the battles up until that point. They succeeded in invading the Holy Land of “Dogmatika”, but inexplicably, the “Hole” opened up, releasing a dragon with horrifying powers. “Fleurdelis” managed to strike down the dragon with a single blow, but a wounded youth remained where the dragon disappeared…

Tri-Brigade Revolt

Fallen of Albaz

A black-cloaked boy who appeared after the dragon vanished. Upon witnessing his deep wounds and apparent lack of memories, the “Tri-Brigade” were reminded of their own past, and they decided to protect him.

Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous

Acting out of pure compassion, she shielded the boy, an act which caused her to be denounced as a heretic who went against doctrine. Watching this unfold, the “Tri-Brigade” decided to bring both the boy and the “Holy Maiden” with them to their hideout.

Tri-Brigade Stand-Off

Inhabitants of the Closed-Off Land

Ignite and burn, ignite and burn again. Tired of living such a life, they left their country in search of a brand-new ideal type of “burning”. At the end of their travels, they found a new land in the “Great Sand Sea, Golgonda”. Vast swaths of sky, a great sea of sand… and to top it off, a giant monster. It seems that wherever this monster goes, the “Hole” follows with an abnormal frequency, spewing out treasures and what appear to be industrial tools. The “Springans” are willing to go through any challenge to burn larger, higher, and brighter than ever before; to this end, they fused with these unearthed machines, and the constant sound of clanging and explosions could be heard every day.

Great Sand Sea – Gold Golgonda

One day, the young man “Shuraig”, whom they were acquainted with back in their homeland, appeared before them as an adult accompanied by new comrades. The “Springans” promised safe passage through the “Sand Sea” for them, but “Kitt”, who was also entrusted to them for protection at that time, would turn out to be a new catalyst to accelerate their already-explosive lives. Her ideas were a perfect match with the machines and their explosions, and with no one to stop them, the “Springans” became one of the most powerful groups among the Sand Sea treasure hunters.

The Lively Treasure Hunters of the “Great Sand Sea, Golgonda”
A lively treasure-hunter crew that rejoices from riding the giant warship “Exblowrer” on a voyage of sand, under the command of their Big Boss “Sargas”. The henchmen “Brothers” live by the motto of living everyday as flashily as possible. To get the “Number 1 Flashy Reward for the Day”, they’ve been working hard to improve their coordination.

Springans Ship – Exblowrer & Springans Brothers & Springans Captain Sargas

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Inhabitants of the Closed-Off Land

“Those who have been called into the Glorious Knights of Holy Teachings, carve the 666 Commandments of the Holy Scriptures into your soul, and recite them once a day under the sun.”

Dogmatika Nation

“Dogmatika Nation” is a land beloved by God situated in the far north of the continent. The Holy Stigmata granted to its people grant their hosts with special powers, referred to as miracles by the people. Those with especially powerful miraculous powers join the Glorious Knights of Holy Teachings, battling against the heretics who do not have Holy Stigmata, such as beastmen or fairies. The current generation has seen the births of 2 Holy Maidens with exceptionally powerful miracles, “Ecclesia” and “Fleurdelis”, leading the nation to its most prosperous era yet.

Dogmatika Nexus

The Two Exemplary Holy Maidens
Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous

A “Child of Miracles” who was the first person in history to bear the Holy Stigma on one’s forehead. Her bright smile and unprejudiced personality have earned her the favor and admiration of the people.

Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted

The Holy Stigmas on her 4 limbs grant her tremendous physical strength, as well as unmatched power of thunder strikes. Using these and the 3 Holy Relics, this Holy Maiden protects both the nation and “Ecclesia”.

Dogmatika Maximus

The Supreme Leader of “Dogmatika”. He grants people the divine blessing of Holy Stigma using the Divine Sculpture “Nexus”, before accepting them as citizens.

Dogmatika Adin, the Enlightened

The “Knights of Holy Teachings” is split into 2 companies, based on the legendary creatures known as “The Two Dragons Guarding the Goddess” which the Divine Sculpture symbolizes. “Adin” is part of the Support Company which backs up with the power of miracles.

Dogmatika Theo, the Iron Punch

A member of the Close Quarters Battle Company commanded by “Fleurdelis” to battle with heretics. His iron hammer is a Holy Tool with the ability to store power for unleashing devastatingly destructive blows.

Excerpts from the 666 Commandments of the Dogmatika Scriptures

1. Thou shalt not turn thy back on the holy teachings of Maximus, for His Magnificence is the Agent of God
2. Thou shalt not utter the holy name of Maximus, for His Magnificence is the Agent of God
3. Thou shalt not lay eyes on the holy visage of Maximus, for His Magnificence is the Agent of God
4. Thou shalt not touch the holy personage of Maximus, for His Magnificence is the Agent of God
5. Thou shalt not refuse a blessing by Maximus, for His Magnificence is the Agent of God
6. Thou shalt not walk ahead of Maximus, for His Magnificence is the Agent of God
7. Thou shalt not point at Maximus, for His Magnificence is the Agent of God
66. Thou shalt have no mercy on the sinful heretics
67. Thou shalt have no fear in the face of the sinful heretics
68. Thou shalt lend no ear to the words of the sinful heretics
666. When the Day of Gospel arrives, thy Holy Stigma shall illuminate, bringing all lost lambs back to Heaven, as children of God once more

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The Story of a Boy and Girl Traversing the Closed-Off Land

Gaining the protection of “Tri-Brigade”, the boy and girl managed to escape their dire situation. Warning them that there will be pursuers on their trail soon, “Shuraig” told the two of them they need to quickly leave the “Tri-Brigade” stronghold. On this unfamiliar journey, the two of them began to develop a bond ever so clumsily, eventually arriving at the “Sand Sea” and meeting the “Springans”. At first the “Springans” thought of them as enemies, but after noticing the Mecha Shrike entrusted to them by “Shuraig”, they decided to give them a test to see if the boy and girl have what it takes to join them. Just as the “Springans” were about to welcome the newcomers as comrades, “Golgonda”, a giant monster that haunts the Great Sand Sea its nest, suddenly appeared. Possessing the same properties as the “Hole”, the energy radiating from the monster’s gigantic body changed the boy into a dreadful dragon……

Tri-Brigade Oath

In a cruel twist of fate, the boy and girl had nowhere to go. Seeing the two of them reminded “Shuraig” and the others of their own past, when they were chased out by their own tribes and were on the verge of death. With no memories and incapable of trusting even himself, the young boy saw how the people before him treated even “Ecclesia”, who was supposed to be their enemy, with kindness. And so, he developed his first sense of trust. Afterward, “Shuraig” entrusted the Mecha Shrike to the boy as proof of his identity.

Meeting the “Springans”

The “Springans” were used to giving “Sand Sea” newcomers a rough welcome, but “Kitt” noticed the Mecha Shrike and came to their rescue at the last minute. After the two of them cleared the flashy mission the “Springans” dubbed an Initiation Test, the boy and girl were accepted as members of “Springans” surrounded by treasures.

Tri-Brigade Rendezvous

Springans Blast!

Springans Booty

The Boy Goes Berserk from “Golgonda’s” Influence……!?

Perhaps sensing the chaos going on above ground, the giant creature “Golgonda” appeared from underground with a great tremor. The energy radiating from its gargantuan body, that’s capable of devouring even the “Hole”, caused the boy to draconize, transforming him into “Albion”. And thus, the world-shaking battle between “Golgonda” and “Albion” began…

Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda

Branded in White

Screams of the Branded

“Kitt’s” experimental machine was no use in trying to stop the 2 battling beasts, and just as it looked like all was lost, a giant bolt of lightning pierced through “Golgonda”.

Tri-Brigade Bearbrumm the Rampant Rampager

Judgment of the Branded

Elsewhere, A New Miracle in “Dogmatika”……!!
….At the same time as that fierce battle, “Maximus” was looking overhead to the skies in “Dogmatika”, quivering in ecstasy as he unleashed his power of miracles. “It is now the Time of Gospel, let it commence.”

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Secret Image
“Dogmatika” & “Springans” & “Tri-Brigade”

Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous
Full art #1:

Hair Ornament:

Top: “A hair ornament made out of glasswork”
Bottom: “When untied, she has abundant hair”


“-About 15 years old”
“-About 160m tall”


“A katyusha​ that amplifies the power of stigamata” (A katyusha​ is a type of hairband, similar if not outright the same as an alice band)


“Perhaps releases magic”


Top: “Glittering look”
Rest: “Stigmata on the forehead.
Should they be different on each character?
What do you think about a design that basically incorporates an “X”?”


“She’s the type to eat lots (of rice)”


“She has 2 french crullers

Dogmatika Mark:

Top: “Common mark for the Dogmatika: Praying hands and a sword”
Arrow: “This is what it looks like when attached to a weapon”

Ecclesia: Desert Version Full Art:

Comment in the VBEX: “Stigmata in the shape of Xs are carved in “Ecclesia’s” forehead and in the parts where her skin is visible. Furthermore, the mark that symbolizes the “Dogmatika Nation” decorates the equipment she’s wearing”




“She’s no longer able to arrange her hair in an elaborate style by herself anymore”


“She received this cloak from Ferrijit”
(The bag) “Contains the horns she took off and other things” (NOTE: The reference art posted on Twitter additionally mentions this includes food but for some reason it’s not present in the VBEX version)


“Knife for self-protection”

Dogmatika Fleurdelis, the Knighted
Full art:

Attaching shield:

“The shield attaches to her left arm”


Top: “Common parts”
Bottom: “Floats”


Shield grip and space below Fleurdelis: “Floats”

  • Boots:

    Top left: “High heels that can fly across the sky”
    Bottom right: “Convertable/controllable”



Right below the name of the monster card, they decided to include that she will be a “LIGHT, (Level) 8” monster, which is very uncommon in these reference arts.

Dogmatika Maximus

Clothes: (Dogmatika) “Mark”
Draft angle: “Front, slightly low-angle”

Dogmatika Theo, the Iron Punch
Full art:



Left arm:

“The left arm, under the mantle”


Top: “Mantle, backside”
Bottom: “Mantle fastener”


Left: “Looks somewhat like a tribal tattoo”
Right: “They go all the way around”

Springans Pedor
Full art:

“On the chubby side”
For the b/w art, the comments are onomatopoeia for what you see in the art.

As a side note, the name of the monster in this reference art is “Springans Torpedo (temp.)”, which eventually chopped off the “tor” part, and the TCG name added an “R” at the end.

Springans Rockey
Full art:

NOTE: The reference art lists the name as “Springans Rocket (temp.)”, which was later changed to Rockey.

Step-by-step guide:

“Everyone in line..!”
1) Get on top of the tank/base
3) “ORA! into enemy territory”
4) “Explode”

Height and hair:

Left: “Version w/ hair (emergency self-destruct fuse)
The longer it is, the stronger
(Lately, it hasn’t been self-destructing)”
Right: “About 150-200cm! Although it can vary” (4.9 to 6.5 feet tall)


Version without eyes:

True form:

“Their real form is soot”


“Wouldn’t it be better to make the colors flashier?”


“They stay fashionable by using all sorts of paint, which is unique to everyone”


“This can also be used as a hat”
NOTE: The reference art posted on Twitter additionally mentioned that “the hat brim can be pushed in.”

Springans Branga
Full art:

Top: “Can fly!”
Bottom: “Taciturn and looks unfriendly, but likes things like mice. Maybe it’s keeping one inside…? (Would be kinda cute)”

End Page 5

Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen & Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom & Tri-Brigade Kitt

We have covered the details for these two before.

We have previously covered Kitt too.

Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller
Full art:

Top: “About 2 meters tall” (about 6.5 feet tall)
Bottom: “The sword is used for smashing rather than cutting”

Tri-Brigade Nervall
Full art:

Left: “Hawk-like wings”
Top right: “By removing the pin…”

Tri-Brigade Kerass
Full art:

Top left: “Buffalo”
Middle: “2 meters tall” (about 6.5 feet tall)

Commentary in the VBEX: “Each one has Tri-Brigade symbol decoaring their weapons or equipment. Also, there are ones featuring the simplified version”
(The simplified version is on the top right of Shuraig’s art)

Supreme Sovereign Serpent of Golgonda


“Is this size OK?”


“Its silhouette is shaped like the Hole’s diamond shape”


Top: “The power of the Hole is so strong that its tail is only made out of Hole” (energy/components)
Bottom: “Every place it traverses becomes a Hole”

Albion the Branded Dragon

End of chapter.

Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text.
Thanks to other members of The Organization for the translations, I most certainly didn’t translate all of this by myself.

And thanks to our readers for the infinite patience on waiting for our translation of this chapter. More shall come in the future…

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