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Tri-Brigade Kit’s Concept Art

Anybody interested in fun trivia about the other pinkie of the current storyline?

Tri-Brigate Kit
Ferrijit’s little sister & mechanic




“Big shrike” (actually crow-like)
TL note: “big” here is written as “deka”, forming a pun with the other birdie below


“Mechashrike” (really shrike-like)


fingerless gloves for better precision work


cat eyes


she puts her tools in here


electric fans


super-thick soles for super-safe boots
with them on, she’s about as high as Ecclesia (when including the ears)


Draft A: Basking in the sun inside the ship
w/ a Spriggun
(in the bottom-left corner)


B: Sitting on top of the ship
As we can see this is the one that was chosen to be used as the card artwork, although horizontally flipped


something of a technology otaku
here with an artifact excavated from Golgonda


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