[MERCHANDISE] Dinosaur Expo 2023 x Yu-Gi-Oh Original Goods Set

The promo cards, sleeves and card carrying box from Dinosaur Expo 2023 are now available for purchase online!

The Asahi Shimbun Mall are now selling the following products as a set for ¥2,420/$17.31 USD:

Duelist Card Protector Set Dinosaur Expo 2023

  • Number of sleeves: 100 OCG sleeves featuring Absolute King – Megaplunder and 100 Rush Duel sleeves featuring Ruthless Slash – Megaplunder.
  • Sleeve size: 63 x 90mm (compatible with 59 x 86mm card size)/2.48 x 3.54 in. (fits 2.32 x 3.39 in. card size)

Duelist Card Carrying Box Dinosaur Expo 2023

  • Design: OCG (Absolute King – Megaplunder, front) / Rush Duel (Ruthless Slash – Megaplunder, back)
  • Size (assembled): 255 x 110 x 75mm/10 x 4.33 x 2.95 in.

<Benefit Card> Promotion Pack Dinosaur Expo 2023

DEC1-JP001 Absolute King – Megaplunder (Normal Parallel Rare)
RD/DEC1-JP001 Ruthless Slash – Megaplunder (Normal Parallel Rare)


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