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Hey Gang, today I’m happy to announce that we’re completely moving over to the forum. In an effort to maintain the best site possible, I have had to make a few changes, and in the pursuit of uptime, took a look at our server load. Two things use more resources than everything else on the site combined, each, except for each-other.

These two things are the disqus comment system, and the spam shield we use to moderate it. Removing either one would double how much traffic we can get without crashing. I’m removing both, and comments entirely from the site effective immediately, and moving all discussion of articles to the various forums you can find on the internet. If you wish to discuss the articles in the YGOrg community, you can do that at our forums found in the navbar above. If you’d prefer to discuss them on DNF, or DuelistGroundz, threads are automatically generated there, for your leisure. If you wish to discuss them on another forum, you’ll have to take it up with them, as we don’t have any other sites with an RSS board at this time.

The next thing I want to announce is that you may have noticed we removed the advertisement. We had a good run with those guys, and we’re still happy to be friends with their team; they simply decided they had maximized the value they’d get out of that spot and that’s okay. It does however generate two things.

A loss of funding for the site, and a new space for advertisement.

They say if it aint broke, don’t fix it, but it is; and by it, I mean me. I’ve never been able to afford YGOrganization since the day it launched, and have been paying out of pocket for it every month. We’ve had various ads on the site keeping it alive, but with the amount of traffic we get in the middle of the month during the big leaks, we need a big enough server for that kind of traffic; one that can hold 100,000 people in a single day like that. Servers however, are rented on a month to month basis, not day to day, so I have to pay the premium you would pay to have 100,000 people, per day, for a month. That’s 3 million views, and if we got 3 million views a month, we’d probably make enough money to pay for that, but we don’t, the rest of the month is understandably not as flooded with visitors, and with the amount of adblock that gets used on top of that, we simply cannot afford it.

So my goal is to try and raise funds for the site, either through more advertising, sale of merchandise, or sale of cards in general.

Summary of the changes:
Any time an article is posted on the site, a thread for it will be created within ten minutes on the YGOrganization forums. You can post your comments on the article in that thread, but do take note that the thread will not update, and the article on the site still will, and we continue to maintain this model of updating the article as more news related to it continues to pour out, so do keep checking back here often.

I am currently in possession of over 100,000 cards and plan to launch a store soon for these. These cards will not influence the content of the articles, I am not ARG or TCGPlayer and don’t intend to use the site as a means of selling cards. They will be for sale in an external store linked to on the navbar when it’s ready. We will be doing specific articles on cards, and to be completely transparent, they will encourage you to purchase them; however we will not over-hype the card and plan to highlight its faults as well as its value. The news itself will go completely and entirely unedited, as news is only useful in the context of humanity, it’s not an advertisement, it is news.

I am releasing the YGOrg T-Shirts effective immediately, those can be found in this article here.

I am planning on releasing YGOrg playmats with the design found on our sites background, if there is enough interest expressed here.

We are looking for a new advertiser! If you wish to advertise your site or store, please contact me at [email protected]

We still have the patreon page at which so far has been a huge help. We hope to expand on the patreon in the near future. What sort of rewards would you guys like to see on it? We want to hear from you, you can even use the comments section on this article, as it’s the 2nd last one to have comments enabled. The last article to have enabled comments is the Yang Zing Mega Guide. Please let us know what we can do to improve things, as we want to keep bringing you the greatest quality news we can as quickly as we can.

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