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We’re officially ready to launch our first batch of T-shirt and Hoodies! ┬áThese things are super cool, especially the hoodies, and we really hope to see some people wearing them at events!

In an effort to give you guys more ways to support us (and stay online of course), we’re launching a line of T-Shirt and Hoodies. We’ve tried them out and they’re really good quality, which is one thing we’ve always cared about here at the site — making sure whatever type of consumer you are, be it news, or in this case shirts, the product you get is of a minimum standard that we hold very dear to us.

As an added bonus, these first 25 of each are in a unique ‘1st edition’ branding, just like Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards! Only these 25 will ever have these, we’ll be removing it from all future runs of the tops.

I went for a pretty high quality T-shirt fabric on these, so they’re not some $10 shirt. I hope you guys like them. Other colours will be available in the future of these, but not in the 1st edition design.


Maybe hoodies are more your thing? A bit more expensive but assuredly the quality you’ve come to expect from us


After these are gone, there will be more available in other colours, based on demand and popularity. There will not be any other 1st edition runs, but we’re toying with the idea of tilting the logo, or making part of it be missing for ‘misprint’ or ‘miscut’ shirts. Let us know what you’d like in the forum thread for this article, as truly it is you, the reader, who knows best in regards to what you want.

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