[Master Duel] Upcoming packs news

The “wait for August 10th” announcement.

-New Secret Pack: Guided by Fate
This new Secret Pack will contain cards from the “Adventurer” theme and cards related to “Magikey”. The Secret Pack will be available until October 10th (time zones applying), after which it will have to be unlocked as usual. During that period, you can open 1 pack for free.

-New Selection Pack: Rage of Chaos
“While forces such as “Chaos” and “Dracoslayer” gain new power, “Kashtira” descends upon the realm where fear reigns. Chaos and anger take over the world!

The pack will include Chaos Angel (UR)., Kashtira Fenrir (UR), Kashtira Riseheart (UR), Ignis Phoenix, the Dracoslayer (UR) and Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz (UR) among other cards. The pack will be available from August 10th (time zones applying).

-Forbidden/Limited List update:
Kashtira Fenrir will be semi-limited upon release.

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