[Master Duel] New F&L List and Packs

The “wait for the end of the month” edition.

-New Secret Pack announced: Fires of Scorching Bonds
This Secret Pack will include “Libromancer” cards, and cards released to a Cyberse Monster. As usual, this pack will be unlocked for a period of time (until December 5th), and during that period you can open 1 pack for free. The pack will be available on October 30th, time zones applying.

-New Selection Pack: Record of Noble Spirits
The Selection Pack announced during the OCG Times stream is formally announced. It will include the following cards:
-The PHNI card that has been posted everywhere, whose JP name was 賜炎の咎姫, and now we know its name as Promethean Princess, Bestower of Flames (UR)
-Tsumuha-Kutsunagi the Lord of Swords (UR)
-Tellarknight Constellar Caduceus (UR)
-Gransolfachord Coolia (UR)
-Tri-Edge Master (UR)
This pack will be available on October 29th, time zones applying.

-New Forbidden & Limited List Update
Newly Limited:

Tellarknight Ptolemaus

No longer Limited:
Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos

Yata-Garasu and Tellarknight Ptolemaus will now be included in packs (at least the Master Pack), and can now be generated using crafting points.

This list will start applying on October 30th, time zones applying.

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