[Master Duel] New Duel Pass for April 2023

Wiggly Sushi.

After the expiration of the previous Duel Pass, the new Duel Pass for the next 74 days in Master Duel has been introduced. By leveling up the Normal Duel Pass to Level 50, you can obtain the following rewards:
-300 Gems
-30 UR points
-30 SR points
-30 R points
-27 N points
-1 Dante, Pilgrim of the Burning Abyss Icon (at Level 50)

“An Icon depicting a traveler who has followed the path to becoming a pilgrim. His journey began when he crossed the threshold into a flaming landscape. To this day, there remains no clear end in sight.”

For the Duel Pass (Gold)

-100 UR points
-100 SR points
-80 R points
-80 N points
-700 Gems (recovering its price of 700 gems)

At Level 25, you can obtain a Red Icon Frame

“A Red Icon Frame reminiscent of burning flames. Like boiling lava, sometimes quiet and sometimes violent, the the duelist’s fighting spirit burn.”

At Level 50, you can obtain a Ursarctic Radiation Monster Art

“The glow of bears in the galaxy above the skies. Its radiating brilliance is twinned with that of the dazzling dragon.”

At Level 75, you can obtain a Gunkan Suship Ikura Mate

“A Beautifully crafted Gunkan Suship Shari carefully topped with an abundance of glistening salmon roe. The translucency of the salmon roe and how they jiggle when touched show, rather than tell, of their freshness.”

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