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[Master Duel] New bundle and Solo Mode Gate

Forbidden SIPP.

A new bundle deal has been added to Master Duel. Much like the previous ones, it offers 10 Master Packs at a discounted price of 750 gems (instead of 1000) with at least 1 guaranteed SR, and a bonus UR copy of Forbidden Droplet. As usual, you can only purchase 1 of these bundles.

Additionally, a new Gate has been added to Solo Mode, expanding the story of the “World Legacy” lore: “The Secret Powers of the Planet”.

“Auram and his linked comrades, the “Crusadia”, are up against a new foe, the “Orcust”, who can be called back from the GY even after they are destroyed. One question remains: who is the mastermind behind these menacing machines A new “World Legacy” battle is about to be unleashed!”

By clearing all the gates you can obtain:
-3 copies of Crusadia Maximus
-3 copies of Crusadia Revival
-3 copies of Crusadia Vanguard
-3 copies of World Legacy – “World Crown”
-3 copies of Orcustrated Attack
-3 copies of Orcustrated Core

-150 FIRE orbs
-150 WATER orbs
-150 EARTH orbs
-150 DARK orbs
-150 WIND orbs

-1 set of protectors of Crusadia Maximus
-1 set of protectors of Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator
-1 World Legacy Ruins mate base
-1 World Legacy Ruins field parts
-1 Orcustrion icon
-1 Crusadia Equimax icon
-8 Legacy Pack tickets
-200 gems