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[Master Duel] May 10th Update

The Fishe update.

-New Mission: WCS 2023 Qualifiers Celebration! Road to Worlds Campaign
By logging in, players can obtain the following rewards:
-1 Royal Finish copy of Blackwing Full Armor Master
-500 Gems
-200 Gems
-1 Blackwing Full Armor Master Icon
-200 Gems
-100 Gems
(1000 Gems total)

“An Icon depicting a black winged birdman bound in heavy armor. His bond with his allies at his heart and accomplishment at hand, the black winged storm once again takes to the sky to pursue a new path”

Note: This card cannot be dismantled.

-New Mission: Discovery
By completing the following tasks, players can obtain the following rewards:
-Check Missions: Another Duelist Icon
-Edit Profile Card: 1 copy of Swords of Revealing Light
-Edit Standard Regulation Deck: Duelist Card Case Blue
-Change Deck Accessories: 100 Gems
-Open Duel Pass Menu: Explorer Title (A Title given to Duelists who challenged themselves in the Discovery Missions to explore the ever expanding contents of “Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL.” The passport to embark on a long and challenging journey to becoming the world’s greatest Duelist is now in your hands.”

“An Icon depicting a anonymous Duelist. It could be the same person in a different attire, or perhaps someone else with uncanny likeness.”

“A simple Deck Box with blue accents. Sometimes, the finest details mean the world to a Duelist.”

-New Structure Deck: Blackwing’s Pride

“This Deck deploys “Blackwing” monsters and aims to Synchro Summon them. “Blackwing” monsters can only be Special Summoned under specific conditions. If you take advantage of those effects, two or more Synchro monsters can line up on the field!”

New cards introduced in this pack that cannot be obtained by other means:
Blackwing – Sharnga the Waning Moon
Blackwing – Vata the Emblem of Wandering
Blackwing – Sudri the Phantom Glimmer
Blackwing – Shamal the Sandstorm
Blackwing – Chinook the Snow Blast
Blackwing – Zonda the Dusk

Black-Winged Assault Dragon
Blackwing – Boreastorm the Wicked Wind

Black Feather Whirlwind

Blackwing – Twin Shadow
Black Shadow Squall

As another important note, Blackwing – Steam the Cloak is no longer Forbidden (it is now Limited in Standard), and the only way to obtain it is by purchasing this Structure Deck.

-New Accessories
–Protector: Ghoti of the Deep Beyond

“A Protector that depicts and enormous creature that dwells in an alternate dimension that spans eternity. It is simultaneously the furthest end and the beginning. For those who ponder the many mysteries of the universe.”
Price: 100 Gems

–Protector: Mayhem Fur Hire

“A protector that depicts a scene from a battle fought by a battalion of mercenaries that operate the Flying Furtress. For those that will lead the way like the wind, for the sake of your friends who will follow.”
Price: 100 Gems

–Icon: Icejade Aegirine

“An Icon depicting an “Icejade,” born to be the successor of the next generation. Although still young and timid, her strong compassion for her allies have already found a place in her heart.”
Price: 50 Gems

–Icon: Rafale, Champion Fur Hire

“An Icon depicting the draconic leader of “Fur Hire,” a mercenary battalion known for their Flying Furtress. He rallied the eclectic band of mercs, and achieved the feat of legends. He became to be known as the “Champion Fur Hire.”

-New Selection Pack: The Synchronized Cosmos
“A new theme, “Ghoti” has arrived! It wields the ability to transcend space and specializes in Synchro Summons! Along with the new “Synchron” and “Naturia” cards, new Synchro monsters like the “Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon” arrive to evolve “Stardust Dragon” to another level! the power of various cards synchronize to open a whole new universe!

UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (20/85):

N (35/85):

Notably, the Ghoti theme and the Spellbound Spell Card are premiering in Master Duel before they are printed in the OCG, much like the Beetrooper theme did.

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