[Master Duel] June 8th Update

Featuring the cool cat and maybe some other cards.

-MASTER DUEL Proficiency Test 2023 Reward:
A pack of sleeves featuring Ms.Judge can be obtained by logging in, thanks to players completing the Proficiency Test for Master Duel:

“A protector with a design to commemorate the Duelists overcoming the various obstacles and achieving remarkable results. For those who gained great insights from persevering and arriving to their answer.”

-New Feature: Card Report:
This new feature will display statistics about the usage of certain cards. The data will be updated after every maintenance period (keep in mind we get about 1-2 maintenance periods per month or so), based on the highest rank of Ranked Duels. This is what it looks like:

By default, this is disabled in Duels, but enabled for Replays. You can enable it for Duels in Settings -> Duel -> Display Card Report, or disable it for your replays in Settings -> Audience/Replays -> Display Card Report

In practice, this seems to overlap with the “Display Card Effects” setting (the one that shows which effect has just been activated), but maybe that’s just something on my end.

-New Accessories:
–New Monster Art: Abyss Actor’s Curtain Call

“A glorious performance by the best actors in the magical world. The applause given by the audience at the end of the show is the ultimate tribute to the performers.”
Price: 250 Gems

–New Duel Field: Cyber Universe

“A Field where abstract things such as data and energy take form and appear. It is a beehive-like network — an ever-expanding spaces where things like data ore and data storms continually come into existence.”
Price: 600 Gems

–New Protector: The Bystial Lubellion

“A protector depicting a dragon holding a piece of its power as foretold in ancient tales. For those who seek to reign over not only the dragon kings, but also over both light and darkness.”
Price: 100 Gems

-New Selection Pack: Climax of the Showdown

“Harnessing the power of both light and darkness, the almighty dragon king “Bystial” descends from a hole in the sky. As if guided by his appearance, the elite forces of the “Tri-Brigade,” “Springans,” and other heroes gather as this decisive battle intensifies.”

UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (20/85):

N (35/85):

In addition, the following cards have been stealth-added to the Legacy Pack:
Dice Dungeon (SR)
Dimension Dice (SR)

Thunder Ball (R)

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