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[Master Duel] – 20 Million Downloads Update

Free gems, new gates, and news on the next event.


20 Million Downloads Appreciation Campaign!

As a thanks for Master Duel reaching 20 million downloads, Limited-Time Login Missions that give a total of 1000 gems are currently available.
~ Deadline: 25/04/22

Changes in the Sales Period of Selection Packs

The sales period of Revival of Legends and Stalwart Force has been extended.

New End Date: 04/04
Before: 23/03

New Gates added to Solo Mode – “The Fairies Who Paint the Weather”

The Fairies Who Paint the Weather. The weather patterns they weave become continuous Spell and Trap cards, which bless the field and the Fairies themselves with amazing effects.
Uncover the secrets to wielding the powers of the ever-changing weather.

Editors Note: For Canvas Placement, my rule of thumb is: Rainbow > Snowy > Thundery > Spare > Spare. Flip if you use the Right EMZ.

Article here

Notice: Event “N and R Rarity Festival”

The next event will be focused on only using N and R rarrity cards, with certain archetypes and cards restricted being limited to restrict potentially unfair strategies in a more limited card pool. More detailed restrictions will be announced on 03/18.

Banlist here

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